Striped Wood Block Display

With crisp black and white stripes and rustic charm, this Striped Wood Block Display is perfect to show off a picture of your family, display a few little keepsakes, hold wedding table numbers or even a monogram!  And you won’t believe how easy it is to DIY!

Striped Wood Block Display - perfect for photos, small keepsakes, wedding table numbers or even a monogram!

Oh!  And before we get started … hi!  I’m Keri and I blog over at Shaken Together where I am celebrating a creative life with easy recipes, seasonal projects and gifts, crafts and DIYs! I am married to the sweet hubby I met on a blind date and we live a pretty fun life in Florida with our two boys, three cats and a healthy little dose of crazy!  I love mason jars, paint, pretty paper, lists, the color red, reality TV, sand between my toes and singing at the top of my lungs!

Now, that the introductions are out of the way, let’s settle in, chat and craft!  Here are the supplies you’ll need for this project:

  • Wood block (mine is a 6 inch long piece from a 2 x 4)
  • Black & White acrylic paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Painters Tape
  • 1 1/2 inch wooden candle stick
  • Small wooden clothespin
  • Craft glue or hot glue gun
  • Fine grit sandpaper

How to Make a Striped Wood Block Display - steps 1 through 3

1. Using fine grit sand paper, sand any rough edges, the sides and faces of the wood block.

2. Sand any rough edges on the wooden candle stick.

3. Paint the wood block and the candle stick with two coats of white acrylic paint.

How to Make a Striped Wood Block Display - steps 4 through 6

4. Once the paint is dry, use painters tape to define where the black stripes on your wood block will be.

5. Paint the exposed wood {the white showing between the painters tape stripes} with two coats of black acrylic paint.  Remove painters tape before the black paint dries.

6. Once the black stripes are dry, use sand paper to distress the edges, sides and faces of the wood block.  The more you sand, the more rustic the wood block display will be!

7. {Not pictured} While you are waiting for the stripes to dry, paint the front of a small wooden clothespin with the white acrylic paint and glue it to the top of the front face of the wood block.   Finally, glue the wood block vertically onto the wooden candle stick.  I used craft glue, but you could probably also use a hot glue gun, too.

Instead of a photo, I tucked a little card that says ‘home’ in the clothespin.  Then, I bundled together a few clippings of artificial flowers {I think they look like a bundle of dried herbs}, tied them together with twine and clipped one end of the twine in the clothespin as well.

Striped Wood Block Display - perfect for photos, small keepsakes, wedding table numbers or even a monogram!

I am totally LOVING the black and white stripes and the layering of a few little odds and ends for a fun and easy home décor piece. Place it on a mantel or in a vignette, use them as centerpieces for a shower or party, rotate your family photos for display, hang a mini boxwood wreath … the creative possibilities are endless!

Striped Wood Block Display - perfect for photos, small keepsakes, wedding table numbers or even a monogram!

If you like this rustic striped wood block display, then I would love for you to stop by Shaken Together for a few more of my favorite recipes and crafts!

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    1. Hi Carol – I think I picked them up at a scrapbook store a few years ago. You could probably make something similar by printing or stamping on cream colored card stock. Thanks so much for the sweet comment!

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