Simple Valentine’s Gift for Girls

When it comes to making a simple Valentine’s Gift for my almost 3 year old girl, it has to be simple and have a direct correlation to dressing up and princesses.  Her Valentine’s box needed a “non-sugar” treat, and this Princess Craft Band was the perfect addition!

crafty band

These new Crafty Bands came to the rescue while I was searching for a handmade idea for Sami girl. If you haven’t ever heard of Craft Bands before – and you have a little girl {or big girl} in the house…you have to see these!

Crafty Bands from Epiphany Crafts, are design-it-yourself custom charm bracelets for kids – a new and unique way to create custom charm jewelry from photos, magazines, or almost any type of paper!  These bands are so easy to make {even easier than I’d expected} and making them unique is extremely easy to do!band kit

The Starter Kit comes with 1 Shape Studio Tool, 4 Crafty Bands, 20 Crafty Snaps, 20 Bubble Caps, and Adhesive. To make Sami’s bracelet, I used princess stickers I already had on hand.


You put your image into the shape cutter tool, add a bubble cap, and press down on the cap.


Pop out the shape, glue it into the snap cap, SNAP it onto the band – and….that’s….all!


The refill packs come in many colors and provide a variety of mix-n-match options!band colors

If you don’t have any images that are the correct size, you can use their Picto-Gizmo to upload and edit your photos to scale into the Crafty Bands circle.

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 9.36.21 PM

You can order your own Crafty Bands online and follow Crafty Bands on Facebook!

What theme would you do for your kid’s crafty band?

I think my next band will be family photos – she’ll LOVE it!

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