Ottoman to Storage Box

**Full Disclosure: I was provided with Waverly Fabric for this challenge. No compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

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My husband saw this on the street and HAD to bring it home for me to makeover.  It has been sitting in the garage for months until I was challenged by Waverly Fabrics to “waverize it”.  Here’s the challenge:  Think outside the box and transform something in your life through sewing using Waverly Fabric.  So, I used the 2 yards of fabric they provided, and whipped up a full transformation of an old, chewed up ottoman!  




I removed the old, chewed up, “pleather” and tried to salvage as much of the foam as I could.



I used a staple gun to attach the fabric to the top piece of the box.  


I left the fabric a bit larger until I was stapled all around, then I cut and folded under the edges once I knew my piece fit!


To make the bottom section, I measured around the base and cut a piece of fabric large enough to go around.  I sewed this section together, making a sort of “skirt” for the base.  I slipped this skirt onto the base.





I folded the edges evenly and stapled them even with the inner lining of the box that was previously there.



The, putting the hardware back in place, the box was ready to go!  



There ya go!  A transformation in under an hour, using an old chewed up ottoman and some pretty Waverly Fabric!  

up close

fabric covered storage box

open box

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6 thoughts on “Ottoman to Storage Box

  1. Looks great! I have the same ottoman (from target). It’s got 2 tiny slits in it. You can’t see them now but in sure they will get worse eventually. Gonna pin this for later!

  2. This was a great tutorial. I had the same ottoman, which I gave to my son and daughter-in-law. It was also torn up like this; I had fabric my mother gave me from her stash – my daughter-in-law asked if she could have it and would I help her recover her dining chairs. It was the perfect project then I came across your tutorial for the ottoman – It came out nice. She is pleased with the ottoman and the matching dining chairs. Thanks

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