17 Spooky Halloween Cake Pop Recipes

Cake pops are quite the hit at birthday parties, holiday gatherings, and even fundraisers. Why not add a little flavorful fun to your Halloween get-together and have festive little balls of cakey goodness as a treat! These Halloween cake pops are perfect for spooky occasions!

17 Easy and Scary Halloween Cake Pop Recipes

This list gives you 17 of the latest and greatest Halloween-themed cake pop recipes of all time. From ghouls to ghosts, we’ve got every creepy creature you can imagine going on up in this list.

We’ve even got a couple of cute characters and themes, too! Serve an adorable pumpkin on a stick to your child’s preschool class or scary bats for your company fall party. Halloween cake pops will have your taste buds screaming in spooky delight!

Here’s Lookin’ at You Jac-o-Lantern Cake Pops

These adorable cake pops are so much fun to make! Who wouldn’t want to create cute jack-o-lantern pops and proudly display them at a party or festive gathering? I can just see these yummy pops sitting in a decorated jar as a centerpiece on a fall-themed table. They wouldn’t last as decor for very long!

It would be hard to bite into these adorable pumpkin heads, but trust me, after the first bite you’ll be dying for another!

Spooky Chocolate Cake Pops With Sprinkles

I can’t get enough of these delicious cake pops and how cute they are! For one, I’m a sucker for sprinkles. You won’t catch me having an ice cream cone without them and the same goes for my cake pops. The yellow, orange and white colors make these pops truly stand out. Place ’em around the punch bowl at the Halloween party and watch your friends and family oooh and aaah over them.

These easy-to-make cake pops look good enough to eat!

Candy Corn Cake Pops

Candy corn is one of those sweets that you either love or hate. There really is no in between. However, everyone loves cake pops so even if you aren’t keen on candy corn you can still eat a little chunk of cake that looks like it without worry. You gotta admit, these candy corn cake pops are adorable. Just look at those big ‘ol smiles and googly eyes!

I think these pops would make a great addition to any Halloween party, especially for children.

Eye-Popping Cake Pops

You can’t go wrong with these scary-delicious pepper pops. One bite and your eyes will roll back in your head in sheer delight…and fright! Kids love these cake pops and so do adults because they are a little gross and cute all at the same time. I’d bet these pops would go over well at any monster bash.

Make the eye color any shade that you want. Here, the baker made them green but you can get creative and make your eyes pink, blue, or blood red if you’re into that sort of thing.

Colorful, Easy Halloween Cake Pops

I really like these pops because they sport all of the colors of fall. You’ve got orange, yellow, brown, and yummy. Is yummy a color? It should be! The display of these pops is super adorable. I love how they are placed in small glasses filled with candy corn. How cute! I bet you could use any of your favorite fall-themed candy like pumpkins or even M&Ms.

If you are hosting an autumn-themed party these cake pops are the way to go. Serve ’em with tea or your fave punch.

Frankenstein Brownie Pops

So, these creepy little characters aren’t exactly cake per se, but they’re close enough. Brownies, in some ways, are even better than cake when making pops because they hold up a little stronger. Ironically, Frankenstein was a pretty strong monster so these yummy pops are quite befitting.

I love the detail in these cake pops, don’t you? Now, don’t freak out if you can’t get them to look absolutely perfect. The ones in the picture were made by Betty Crocker, and well, who can compete with her?

Trick-or-Treating Ghost Cake Pops

Are these not the cutest cake pops you’ve ever seen in your life? It’s one thing to make ghost cake pops but when you turn them into tiny trick-or-treaters…you’ve just raised the bar on cuteness. Just look at their tiny little treat pumpkins!

I am also digging the striped sticks. I’m sure you could find these at any store like Wal-Mart or even the Dollar General for a reasonable price.

Ghastly Ghost Cake Pops

Ok, the cuteness of these cake pops has almost put me over the edge. I thought the above trick-or-treating ghosts were cute but these ghosts have literally taken the cake. Check out their fondant ghost sheets. I think that’s my favorite part.

Can’t you just see these ghosts whizzing through the air on Halloween night? Whizzing right into my mouth, that is.

Flying Bat Cake Pops

Look out! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…FLYING BAT CAKE POPS! These yummy pops are perfect for the office party. When your nosey cubicle partner wants to talk about why you didn’t bring a date just fly one of these bat pops into his mouth. Problem. Solved.

Anyone can make these pops as the recipe is very easy to follow. You’ll be the Belle of the Ball with these yummy pops in tow.

Creepy Monster Cake Pops

Check out the eyes on those monsters! I love how these cake pops incorporate candy into the mix. Plus, they are so cute you almost can’t bear to eat them…almost. As far as monsters go, these are some of the sweetest I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t mind finding one of these guys under my bed.

Making these pops is great because the recipe is so versatile in terms of the colors you use and even the candy. Get creative!

Horrifyingly Haunting Cake Pops

These pops might give you the willies when you first lay eyes (pardon the pun) on them. However, after you take a bite your shivers will turn to into a sweet tooth. Don’t you totally dig the 3 sets of eyes on these yummy little guys?

These haunting cake pops make the perfect classroom, office party, or Halloween bash snack. Plus, they are a lot easier to make than you think.

Mummy Cake Pops

These super easy-to-make mummy cake pops will be the hit of the Halloween party. I love how those little beady eyes are peering out from behind the bandages. I know these cake pops are probably supposed to be scary but they too cute to cause any ‘boos”.

Making these pops would be a fun project to do with your kids or grandkids. Gather everyone up around the kitchen table, grab your supplies and let the mummy making commence!

Big ‘ol Batch of Halloween Cake Pops

Love in my Oven went the extra mile with this Halloween cake pop tutorial. She gives us all the necessary tools for making a variety of scream-tackular pops in just a few easy steps. Don’t you just love her display? Such a groovy idea to place the pops in a black pumpkin. You can also place them in jars that have been filled with candy corn or raffia.

Gather up your black, orange, and green frosting and get ready to make a big ‘ol batch of Halloween cake pops!

Happenin’ Halloween Cake Balls

I LOVE this recipe. Why? Because it’s totally doable. The Pioneer Woman put this one together and I love how the cake balls look like a normal person made them. Even though Rhee is a famous homesteader/chef lady, her food always looks homemade and realistic. Such is the case for these cake balls, as she calls them.

These pops are super simple to make. if you can dip some cake on a stick into Halloween-colored icing, you can make them in a  snap.

Blood Shot Eyeballs Cake Pops

These grisly eyeballs look like they stayed up too late and need a dose of coffee! All those veins make my eyes hurt, but my tummy happy. You’ll love these sweet treats. Forget the candy bars and pop a bloody eyeball in your mouth. Tasty!

Honestly, these bloodshot eyeball cake pops couldn’t be any easier to make. I think they’d be great to give away to trick-or-treaters or as a spooky gift.

Cat Scratch Fever Cake Pops

Ok, so maybe Ted Nugent didn’t make these black cat cake pops but Betty Crocker did, and I’m smitten with them. Just look at the detail in their little faces! Everyone you know will be meowing in delight over these yummy little feline pops.

Little kids love these so I’m thinking preschool parties, daycare centers, and any sort of Halloween bash for children would be the perfect place for black cat cake pops.

Devilishly Delightful Cake Pops

These cake pops are hot! Try not to scare yourself while making them. These red-faced devils will be a hit at your Halloween party. Plus, they’re easy to make and only require one color, for the most part.

You can get creative with the display of these cake pops by placing them in jars filled with crushed up Oreos to resemble coal or shroud them in red fabric to look like flames.

Wow! That’s a lot of Halloween-inspired cakery! Cake pops are so fun to make and they provide you with the perfect portion size. Both kids and adults alike love cake pops. This is a trend that is here to stay. Get creative with your spooky cake pops and make a storm of sweet treats perfect for the Halloween season.

It’s easy to choose one of these cake pop recipes for any spooktacular event. will you pick the ghosts, flying bats, or Frankenstein? Perhaps, you want a cute pumpkin or black cat to send to your child’s classroom party. I can’t wait to see which cake pop creation you go with. Happy baking!

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