Peanut Clusters

Hi everyone! It’s Gina from Kleinworth & Co.

I’m back here again sharing another family favorite.

This time of year I love to receive boxes of chocolates from certain candy shops. I have a particular obsession with the nuts & chews assortments & I can’t get enough. So unfortunately those 1-2 pound boxes don’t last long & I’m left feeling a little sad that for all that expense- they go so quickly. I find myself trying to figure out just how I can justify to the hubs why we need to purchase yet another box. It’s a hard sell- so instead I make my own. This time I wanted to fancy them up a little & created some fun ones for fall.

Fall Decorated Peanut Clusters

Fall Decorated Peanut ClustersThey look so cute & the flavor of pumpkin spice in the drizzle is so yummy.

Fall Decorated Peanut Clusters


2 cups chocolate chips

2 tbsp shortening

1-1/2 cups Spanish peanuts

2 tsp coarse sea salt

3 tbsp autumn leaf sprinkles

1/4 cup pumpkin spice candy melts


Mix chocolate chips & shortening in small glass bowl

Heat in microwave in 30 second increments – stirring in between until completely melted & combined.

Stir in peanuts – mix until completely coated

Spoon out onto parchment lined baking sheet

Sprinkle with either sea salt or your autumn leaf sprinkles. OR

Meld your candy melts in microwave for 1 minute in small bowl- stir (this should be enough to melt completely)

Transfer to piping bag & drizzle over your clusters to decorate.

Place in refrigerator for at least 1-2 hours to harden.

Store in air tight container at room temperature.

That’s it! Super simple & the best part is – no bake.

Your guests will be snacking on these all day & so much better than the boxed ones.

They also make great gifts for the neighbors.

Thank you Melanie for having me today.

I’m looking forward to sharing another family favorite with you next month.

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