Party Favor Bags

I don’t know about you, but I create my birthday party ideas around the favor bags.  I figure out what I can make that my guests can take with them, and plan the party based on that idea.  I work backwards!   I often see themed parties on Pinterest and although my first instinct is, you crazy mother, who are you tryin’ to impress – inside, I’m always a bit envious that anyone can pull those parties off.  I will never have a crazy themed party, so these party favor bags that we’ve rounded up here, just might be my way of living through the rest of you!

favor bags

Crazy, but party favor bags are often times the most talked about part of the party (aside from the cute kids who show up!) and so I like to make them cute as can be!  Here are some fabulous party favor bags that will get your brains working on party themes!

party favor bags

Construction Party Favor Bags // Rosenham

Puppy Adoption Favor Bags // Itsy Belle

party favor bags

Rainbow Fish Favor Bags // Kara’s Party Ideas

Bug Party Bags // The Chic Site

party favor bags

Dorothy’s Basket Favor Bags // Catch My Party

Anna’s Favor Bags // Two Sisters Crafting

party favor bags

Construction Favor Bags // Kara’s Party Ideas

Circus Party Favor Jars // A House Full of Sunshine

party favor bags

Fairy in a Jar Favor // Yesterday on Tuesday

Spa Party Favor Bag // Pizzazzerie

party favor bags

What amazing parties have you thrown?  I’d love to hear all about your different ideas through the years!  How crazy do you get with party favor bags and themed food?






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