Move Into a Home, Not A House

In theory, moving into a new place is eighty shades of exciting. In practice, however, it is a total nightmare saturated with stress and topped off with the unexpected realization that you are living in a new place that doesn’t even remotely feel like home, leaving you wondering whether it was time to flee the nest. There are just so many boxes to try and vault over and you don’t even know which one your underwear is in or where any of your pots and pans are.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. Not completely anyway.


  1. It Begins With Your Bed

It doesn’t matter whether you have to unpack your bed and put it together with some tools you just went out and bought because you couldn’t find yours, or you just sling a mattress on the floor in a room you presume will be your bedroom; just make your bed. Trust us, you will feel a whole lot better having somewhere comfy and cozy to fall asleep.

  1. Light It Up

Your new place will no doubt have overhead lighting in each room. That’s pretty standard. However, overhead lighting is just the worst when it comes to trying to set the right mood. That is why you need to plug in a few lamps and smile as that homely feeling washes over you.


  1. Get Entertained

Nothing is going to leave you feeling suffocated by the alien place you now live in more than the absence of Internet and television, especially in the fall and winter months. So, head to somewhere like, tell them about your move and have them meet you there. Waiting three to six weeks for someone to show up and connect you won’t do; you need to be entertained on this dark and cold nights, and you need to be entertained right away.

  1. Bring On The Bathroom

Nothing is going to have you pining for your old place more than a bathroom than a bathroom that is lacking certain, well, necessities. We’re talking about a shower without a curtain, a bath without a mat to step onto a, a distinct lack of towels and soaps and body washes and, yup, loo roll. So make sure you fix this asap and start enjoying the safe haven that should be your bathroom.

  1. Decorate The Walls

Bare walls painted in that slightly off-white people know and loathe as magnolia is hardly going to fill you with that comforting feeling of home. That is why you need to do all you can to fix this issue and decorate your walls. It could be a slap of paint, but it could just as easily be some family pictures you hang up or your most beloved artwork. Whatever is going to fill the void and fill you with a little slice of euphoria.


  1. Music Matters

After your television, internet, and lamps, the first thing you need to plug in is a set of speakers. This is the only form of entertainment that can really fill the soul with warmth. It is the thing that will help you feel at home while you are unpacking your stuff and trying to create a home.

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