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I made this super sweet Love Frame at my last MOPS {Moms of Preschoolers} meeting.  I was waiting for the perfect time to give it to my hubs.  Neither of us are overly mushy peeps, so I had to wait for just the right time.

I love you frame

It’s kind of like flowers for me…I don’t ever really want them ON Valentine’s Day. It feels forced. I am probably the only chick in the world that doesn’t want flowers on VDAY. However, this doesn’t mean I don’t EVER want flowers. I’d like them on a whim.

I’d like to wake up October 12th and have flowers on the counter for me. Just because….because he felt like it. That’s my idea of sweetness!

So, when I first found out we were making these frames for our better halves I kind of gagged a bit. Just a tad too corny for me. The girls were talking about adding them to their hubby’s nightstand every day to remind him how much they loved him.


But, I continued on in the craft session, being a good sport and at least making my frame cute. My I Love You frame turned out darling, and makes me smile. {the hanging L is for our last name}

I brought it home and set it aside, positive that it wouldn’t make its debut anytime soon. Not because I don’t love him, and not because I don’t care. It just felt forced. 

Silly, and maybe a tad bit of a stretch, but at the time, it made total sense to me!

Fast forward one week….

Last night we spent three and half hours in Urgent Care with our girl – waiting, even though we KNEW she had pink eye, but waiting for that piece of paper that allows us a prescription for eye drops. We’ve all been there, done that.  It was a long ass 3.5 hours people!

Seeing this tender moment between my girl and my man, I KNEW it was the perfect time to break out the mushy frame!

The next morning I left it out for him when I left for work….and he loved it!

The frame won’t be an everyday thing. Not even an every week thing. It will be the “when it hits me” frame that I’ll pull out and surprise him with. The “stop and take it all in” frame for when I actually stop and realize I’ve got such a good one! A great one….a loving one….and most importantly, an amazing daddy!

8 thoughts on “Love Frame

  1. Hi Melanie, So, So beautiful ide! It is always good to surprise family and be surprised, isn’t it? That pic is absolutely tender When I see my girl with that kind of moments with her daddy it makes my heart beat so fast that I barely can hold myself to not through my self over them :D.

    Great idea and thank for sharing this moments!

  2. Hi Melanie,
    I just wanted to stop by really quickly and let you know that I featured your love frame today as part of a teacher gifts compilation! Have a great week. :0)


  3. I made one of these for my husband a year ago, and I needed it! I was in a place where I felt like all I could do was complain, so I mostly kept quiet. I knew he was trying, it felt like before I could say something to praise and encourage him, there would be something that would irritate me enough to not say it. We were going to get nowhere with that! I have a background in behavior analysis, and I know the importance of praise, so I couldn’t figure out how I could still give him that when I was such a stressed Momma. The frame worked for me. It sits on our dresser – sometimes it says the same thing for a while, sometimes it’s blank and waiting for a new not, but he checks it and a,was makes a comment when I write something new.

    I love the idea! Everyone wants to feel appreciated and loved! (We’re totally not corny either, I use it for all sorts of things – “doing the dishes” makes the list a lot)

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