Life Moves Pretty Fast

According to Ferris Bueller, Life Moves Pretty Fast, and he’s RIGHT!  This Life Moves Pretty Fast Printable is one of my favorites because, heck yeah – life does move fast. It’s time to carpe some diem and enjoy things a bit more, friends!   and I love that Kristi (I Should Be Mopping the Floor) shared it with us!

Life Moves Pretty Fast Printable  

One of my favorite obsessions is printables because I love to display quotes and phrases in different rooms of the house.  My best friends hubby calls the walls “bossy” because the bathroom signs say, “wash your hands” and the living room tells you to “dream” and “imagine”
Life Moves Pretty Fast {free 8x10 printable}
This is a mix of inspirational and bossy in one print! It’s a fun printable quote that many of us have heard from that special guy:
And you know what? Young Ferris had a great point.
Life does move fast. It’s time to carpe some diem and enjoy things a bit more, friends, don’t you think?
This prints onto a letter-sized page, to be trimmed and framed.  There are so many different colored frames that would look great with this print.
It’s a great quote to frame and place in your entry way for those reminders to STOP and look around once in awhile so you don’t miss it!  Life is great and fun and enjoyable!  Slow down and enjoy!
Click on the below image to download yours:
Life Moves Pretty Fast {free 8x10 printable}

Post contributed by Kristi from and was originally published in July 2013.

5 thoughts on “Life Moves Pretty Fast

  1. Lovely Kristi, and the way you put it together with the frames looks so cute, Love it! Thanks so much for sharing! Hope you are having an awesome day!!!

    Cami @ TitiCrafty

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