Handmade Gifts for Kids

Whether you’re giving gifts for birthdays or holidays, coming up with unique, handmade gifts for kids can bring smiles to everyone’s faces – and you’ll know that you gave them a gift that none else has!  Handmade Gifts for Kids are unique and fun to make!

Here are 25 Handmade Gifts for Kids that are perfect birthday and holiday gifts!

handmade gifts for kids


A-Frame Tent

Clothespin Wrap Dolls

Hungry Caterpillar Painted Rocks

Ironing Board Set

Lego Belt

Stick Horses

Cardboard Doll Bed

Wooden Peg Superhero Set

Little Hoop Embroideries


Fabric Doll 

 Pebble Dominoes

Pocket Pillow Pal

Burlap Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Hopscotch Mat

Homemade Journals

Stamped Washer Necklaces

Jersey Knit Bracelets

Fabric Keychains

Earring Display Frame

Lip Balm Locket


Marshmallow Shooters

Crayon Bag

Rag Rug

Felt Paper Dolls

Fabric Headbands

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