Football Treat Bags

Football Treat Bags are the perfect accessory to your next football party!  When I think of football, I don’t necessarily think of the game, but of the delicious food that’s always present each and every Sunday during football season.  I’m not as much into the games as I am the food I have an excuse to make!  Super Bowl is like the KING of all “reasons to have a party” PARTIES.  There are so many football themed treats you can have at your party.


There are so many football themed treats you can have at your party.  You can make football whoopie piesfootball ice cream sandwiches, and chocolate covered strawberry footballs that will be the talk of any football party!

To add to the festive decor, football treat bags are great for popcorn, and you’ll avoid having half the popcorn on the floor if everyone has their own bag!

To make Football Treat Bags, you’ll need:

Brown Paper Bags and White Duct Tape or White Washi Tape

To make the football pattern, you need a long middle strip, eight 2″ thin strips, and two wide strips for the top and bottom.


If you have a craft store near you, they might even have smaller brown paper bags, and you could use them for MnM’s or other small treats.  The football treat bags will be a big hit for football Sundays AND the big game you’re sure to be watching with friends!


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