Googly Eye Pumpkins

Need a simple but cute Fall Decoration?  Simply grab a few mini pumpkins from the store and hot glue on some googly eyes.

googly eye pumpkins

I made these up while the little was at school and it was a surprise when she came in the door.  She said, “Whaaaat?  The pumpkins are looking at me!”

googly eye pumpkins

Cute Stuff!

Happy Fall Y’All!

One thought on “Googly Eye Pumpkins

  1. What a great, yet simple idea. I have not started my Halloween decorating. I was planning on starting today, but the day turn out to be so gloomy and rainy…I decided to postpone the decor until tomorrow. I love this idea!!! Maybe I can surprise my teenagers, but placing a Googly Eye pumpkin in their bedrooms 🙂

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