Frozen Valentine’s Day Cards

If you have a little girl in your home or even KNOW a little girl, you’re sure to know that FROZEN is still huge.  I just don’t think it’s going away – any.time.soon.  Please, someone, make it all stop!  Every holiday I think, this is it, right?  No more Elsa and Anna in the stores.  Then, I pass by a 1 foot tall chocolate Elsa the other day and realize that Valentine’s Day has also been consumed – once again- by these two gals.

 Time to design some printable Frozen Valentine’s Day Cards!

frozen valentines cards from

Frozen is huge in our house TO THIS DAY – with no end in sight, so I’ve decided to embrace it and make Frozen Valentines this year.  SIGH.

I’ve made 2 sizes of FROZEN Valentine’s Day Cards.

The small FROZEN Valentine’s Day Cards fit the smaller bracelet and the large FROZEN Valentine’s Day Cards are for the larger youth bracelet.

I found both bracelets in the Target party favor aisle.

You can also grab them from Amazon HERE. (affiliate link)

Frozen Valentine's Day Cards free printable at

Print both sheets below!

Frozen Valentine's Day Cards free printable at Frozen Valentine's Day Cards free printable at

Happy Frozen Valentines Day to you!

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