Fridge Chat Magnets

These Fridge Chat Magnets are the perfect “fun” activity you can have up from now until long past Valentine’s Day!  Each year my hubby and I have had it up and it’s a fun thing to look forward to each morning.  He leaves for work before the sun rises, so when I wake, I am always surprised by a new phrase!  Some are funny, some are romantic, and some get a little racy.  This year, we will incorporate our 4 year old into helping us make fun sentences centered around love and smiles and happiness!

Fridge Chat Magnets are a simple game to have out during February and beyond!  This free printable set from  includes words you need to show love and happiness!I love having this set around each time February rolls around and it’s simple to make.

Print out your word set on card stock.  Laminate if you want, cut them out, and add a small magnet to the back of each word.  I found my magnet strips at Walmart for 97 cents a pack.  I only used half a pack on this set, so it’s pretty cheap to make this up!

fridge chat magnets

My last set wasn’t laminated and lasted at least 3 years.  So, the lamination is only if you really want to get fancy!

download here

Fridge Chat Magnets - free printable at - Valentine Edition

fridge chat printable words and hearts

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