DIY Pixie Sticks

From the first moment I saw Sarah from Becoming Martha make her own pixie sticks, I was hooked!  I made them for Sami’s 4 year birthday party and now, I’ve made some for our Patriotic Festivities.  They’re great to have on hand as a special treat, or a fun treat to make with the kids!  You don’t need many supplies to make DIY Pixie Sticks!

DIY pixie sticks
Everyone loves Pixie Sticks, and now you can make your own!  So, they may not be filled with the most delicious sugar concoction in the world, as regular Pixie Sticks are, but these are perfect because you can fill them with regular sprinkles and kids will love them just the same!

You can use large or small paper straws, but I picked up the larger ones this time around {easier to fill!}



There are just 3 easy steps to make your own DIY Pixie Sticks!

1. Fold over one end of the straw about 1/2″.

2. Fill the straw with sprinkles. Leave about 1″ open at the top.  You could use colored sugar or whatever sprinkles you have on hand.

3. Fold over the open end of the straw.


Kids just need to twist or pop the pixie sticks in the middle to open them.

Perfect for parties, after school snacks, or summer fun with kids – DIY Pixie Sticks are perfectly fun to do with kids!

DIY pixie sticks

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