Chocolate Bark Recipes

When it’s time to make some delicious Chocolate Bark, you just need to add in chocolate, sprinkles, candy, some strawberries, a little cereal, or some pretzel sticks to make the perfect Chocolate Bark Recipes that everyone will love.  Chocolate Bark is perfect for so many different holidays and it’s hard to eat just one piece!

candy bark

Chocolate Bark RecipesVegan Caramel, Peanut Butter, and Chocolate Bark. Chewy date caramel is topped with a fudgy peanut butter layer + rich chocolate coating. Via

Greek Yogurt Bark Via

Chocolate Bark RecipesThis festive and fun no-bake Monster Mash Halloween Candy Bark is the perfect sweet treat to scare up some new friends this Halloween. Via

Chocolate Bark RecipesThis Grasshopper Chocolate Bark combines the flavors from the popular cocktail, minus the alcohol. Via

Chocolate Bark RecipesThis Banana Split Candy Bark recipe is unbelievably quick and easy to make and contains all of the delicious flavors of the ice cream sundae. Via

Chocolate Bark RecipesPink Sprinkled Candy Bark Via

Chocolate Bark RecipesSimple DIY Mermaid Candy Bark! It would be a fun accent for a cool drink, a mermaid themed party or beach bash. Via

Chocolate Bark RecipesRocky Road S’mores Bark – layers of graham crackers, chocolate, toasted marshmallows and walnuts make this delicious treat an easy recipe for parties. Via

Chocolate Bark RecipesCandy Mix Bark Via

Chocolate Bark Recipes3 ingredients is all you need to make this quick and easy Game Day Candy Bark. It’s perfect for all of your football parties! Via

Chocolate Bark RecipesCaramel Popcorn Candy Bark Via

Carrot Cake Candy Bark Recipe, an easy-to-make yummy and delicious treat that’s perfect for Easter Via

Chocolate Bark RecipesA rich, chocolatey Halloween candy bark for those who can’t eat gluten. Via

Chocolate Bark RecipesThis cereal candy bark is the perfect Fall Treat. Via

Chocolate Bark RecipesWhite Chocolate Peanut Butter Bark – two kinds of Reese’s candies and lots of sprinkles make this no bake treat a fun dessert to make. Via

Chocolate Bark RecipesGluten Free Chocolate Candy Bark – An easy gluten free chocolate bark candy recipe using dried fruit and gluten free Cheerios cereal. Via

It’s the perfect gift for the holidays. Will you start with dark chocolate or white chocolate?

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