Alphabet Bottle Caps

alphabet bottle caps

I’m a sucker for anything colorful at Hobby Lobby.   I’m also a sucker for anything with ABC matching possibilities.  If I can turn it into a learning game, I’ll do it!  The teacher in me will always find things to make learning fun.  My poor kid will be doing ABC matching games when she’s 20.  We just spent an hour playing with these Alphabet Bottle Caps.  We stacked them, made words with them, and matched letters AND colors.  So many ways to play and learn with these Alphabet Bottle Caps.


To make these bottle cap alphabet letters, you’ll need:

52 bottle caps

2 sets of 26 alphabet stickers {i used actual bottle cap round stickers, but other types of stickers will work too!}

Mod Podge Dimensional Gel


Place the stickers inside the bottle caps.

You CAN glue them down, but really, you don’t need to, because the sticker will be set in the gel when it hardens, and won’t fall out!

IMG_7874Fill the bottle cap at least 1/2 way with Mod Podge Dimensional Gel.

Remove any air bubbles with a toothpick or straight pin.

Let set for 24 hours.IMG_7876

You can make words, do alphabet matching, and even flip these colorful bottle caps over for some color matching fun!

Leave the kids alone with them and you might even come back to some pretty cool towers! 

Fun times to be had by everyone with these Alphabet Bottle Caps!


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