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quote book


I’m kind of addicted to quotes.  On the wall, on magnets, on notebooks-basically, if it’s got a quote, I LOVE it!  I  have a leather bound notebook that I use to collect my favorite quotes, and when it comes time to give a friend a gift, making them their very own Quote book makes for the perfect gift!  


personalized quote book


I buy a leather bound notebook at Target {plenty to choose from} and then I use the Sharpie Pens that don’t bleed.  


I write a different quote on each page, with different writing and styles on each page.  

I usually put about 10 of my favorite quotes in the book to start with, and include a pack of Sharpie Pens to complete the gift.  


It’s an easy gift to make and who wouldn’t love inspirational quotes in an easy, beautiful reference book!?



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