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Quick Home Fixes

Quick Home Fixes

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to spruce up your home, but why not make your updates do double duty? In…

Queso Dip Recipes that are perfect to take to any football party, friends' dinner!

Queso Dip Recipes

There really are no bad queso dip recipes, and here are 10 of the best! Whether you’re hosting a football…

Googly Eye Wreath that will spook the neighbors AND the rest of the family!

Googly Eye Crafts

Halloween is such a fun holiday, and these 10 Googly Eye Crafts will help get you in the spirit of…

Candy Corn Treat Cans are the perfect way to package up treats for teachers and friends for Halloween!

Candy Corn Treat Cans

Candy Corn Treat Cans are the perfect way to surprise teachers and friends with Halloween Treats! I had so much…


Pewter Cauldron Centerpiece

This Pewter Cauldron Halloween Centerpiece is quick, easy, and fun to put together. I’ll show you how to faux age…

Tropical Tea

Tropical Sweet Tea

There’s just something about flavored tea that makes my heart happy and this Tropical Sweet Tea is the perfect beverage…

Halloween Party Food

Halloween Party Food

Halloween Party Food Ideas that are gross, creepy, and fun! If you are hosting a Halloween Party this year or…

Creepy Halloween Decor

Creepy Halloween Decor Ideas

There’s nothing creepier than Halloween, and although I am not much of a decorator for Halloween, there’s just something cool…

Sweet Tea Spritzer that's perfect for groups at a baby shower or with your friends at dinner!

Sweet Tea Spritzer

When you’re in the mood for a refreshing adult beverage, a Sweet Tea Spritzer might be just the thing to…

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