Top 10 Toilet Cleaning Brushes reviewed in 2022

How do you select the top toilet cleaning brush? Toilet cleaning brushes aren’t typically an item that comes up in conversation all that often. However, we all need to use them in order to keep our toilets sparkling clean and free from germs.

We decided to tackle this nitty-gritty subject and provide you with a list of the top 10 toilet cleaning brushes from Amazon.

You’ll find brushes with all different types of functions, looks, and prices. Some of them even have a decorative look and will compliment your bathroom decor.

Toilet scrubbing brushes need to be sturdy and able to tackle some of life’s toughest messes. However, there are literally thousands of these brushes on the market. So, which one do you choose?

That’s why we put together this list for you. We’ve done all the legwork and all you have to do is read over our descriptions of each brush and pick the one that will make your life easiest in terms of cleaning the bathroom’s most used area…the toilet.

We are confident you’ll find the right toilet cleaning brush to fit your needs. So, sit back, and browse our top 10 list of toilet cleaning brushes with confidence and ease.

10. Rubbermaid Comfort Grip

You get both the brush and a caddy to keep it in for cleanliness.

Enjoy the full bristle brush for all around cleaning.

You’ll love the durable plastic construction of this toilet cleaning brush along with its comfortable handle.


  • Comes with a convenient storage base
  • Firm bristles to make cleaning easier
  • Made from durable plastic


  • The product is not USA made
  • Some reviewers claim the brush isn’t as sturdy as the company claims

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9. PlumbCraft Toilet Plunger and Cleaning Brush

This innovative product is a 2-in-1 toilet cleaning combo. Not only do you get a toilet brush scrubber but you also get a plunger.

Both the plunger and brush neatly fit together inside of the attractive caddy for sanitary storage.

One of the greatest aspects of the toilet brush is its design as it is made to reach those nooks and crannies that are often hard to get to.

Honestly, this set comes with everything you need with the heavy-duty plunger with 15″ handle, toilet cleaning brush, and the two-compartment caddy.


  • Caddy keeps your floor dry, neat, and free-from toilet germs
  • Round, durable toilet cleaning brush that reaches all the hard-to-reach places
  • The attractive style that is fit for any bathroom


  • Reviewers have reported functionality issues with the plunger
  • Some claim the products are cheaply made

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8. InterDesign York Metal Toilet Bowl Brush

When you want a decorative yet simple toilet scrubbing brush this is the model for you.

Enjoy the sleek design of this metal brush that comes in an attractive steel caddy.

In addition to looking great, the split finish of this strong steel toilet brush and holder truly gets the job done.

The discreet cover conceals the toilet brush and provides tidy and organized cleaning storage.

The actual toilet brush is made with stiff black bristles and a removable head for life’s toughest cleaning.


  • The company has been in business for over 40 years
  • Compact set that is attractive and discreet


  • Some folks claim the brush and caddy rust over time
  • Reviewers say the design is a bit flimsy

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7. Toilet Brush Plastic Portable Long Handle

This brush is 100% brand new and high-quality.

Clean your toilet with ease with this with this double-sided cleaning brush that makes toilet scrubbing a breeze.

The brush is convenient to grip with its long plastic handle.


  • Built-in hanging hole to keep dry and clean during daily use
  • Durable


  • Some reviewers claim the brush is cheaply made
  • Claims that the brush bristles are too soft

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6. Unclog Master Toilet Brush Plunger Set

A wonderful multi-purpose product that not only comes with a toilet cleaning brush but a plunger and caddy, too.

Enjoy the sleek design of this toilet brush/plunger combo and the attractive red color.

The toilet plunger and brush are made from heavy-duty materials like an industrial grade suction cup and heavy-duty plastic.

When you order this product from Amazon you also receive the caddy for FREE.


  • 100% hassle-free guarantee policy
  • Allows you to clean and rapidly unclog your toilet
  • Brush bristles are strong and designed to reach hard-to-reach places like under the rim


  • Some reviewers say the plunger is of low-quality
  • Users have claimed the set is too small

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5. Hansgrohe Toilet Brush with Holder, Chrome

This toilet scrubber and caddy offers a unique design that is sure to stay in place between cleanings.

This company offers a set of other bathroom accessories that compliment this brush and holder to give you the ultimate in bathroom decor.

Enjoy the durability of the solid brass holder that lasts a long time.

Holder conveniently hangs from the wall.


  • Convenient design
  • Strong and sturdy steel brush and caddy
  • Attractive


  • Requires mounting to be precise so caddy doesn’t wiggle on the wall
  • Some complaints about the brush not being able to reach hard-to-reach places

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4. InterDesign Vine Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder

The InterDesign brand is known for their stylish and decorative accessories. This toilet cleaning brush system is no exception.

If you want to have a toilet cleaning brush that is fitted with a gorgeous design, this is the product for you.

Enjoy the ornate holder which is composed of a steel vine cover with contrasting white plastic brush holder.

The discreet design allows the toilet brush to remain hidden inside of the holder when not in use.

The holder’s plastic insert is removable for easy cleaning and measures 5″ x 16.75″.


  • Easy head replacement
  • Clean and hygienic
  • Discreet design


  • A little on the expensive side
  • Item can be top-heavy

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3. Rely2016 Bathroom Toilet Bowl Stainless Steel

The set comes with a stainless steel toilet brush and durable plastic caddy. Each item looks elegant and attractive in your bathroom.

The free-standing compact design is great for small spaces.


  • Attractive design
  • Modern design


  • Some reviewers claim the product is cheaply made
  • Complaints that the product is too small

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2. Ying Toilet and Drain Plunger Combo Kit


When you’re looking for a product that has it all the Ying Toilet and Drain Plunger Combo Kit with brush and Candy is the answer to your prayers.

The toilet brush is made from high-tech nanomaterial TPR with a compact molecular structure that renders it antibacterial and anti-odor. You’ll get a great cleaning effect without scratching or scuffing the surfaces of your toilet.

The plunger is made from raw material and uses a vacuum principle to help remove tough clogs.

The set comes with a small side brush with no dead angle and made from hardwood material.

Drain plunger removes provides maximum cleaning power.


  • An all-in-one set that provides you with all the toilet cleaning accessories that you’ll need
  • The plunger has a strong ability to dredge
  • The brush is made from strong, durable material that can reach the toughest places of your toilet


  • Expensive
  • Isn’t space saving

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1. DINY Home Collection Stainless Steel

The toilet brush and holder stores neatly and discreetly in your bathroom.

The long-lasting fibers of the brush provide a deep cleaning experience while the brush remains completely covered by the holder for discretion and sanitary purposes.

Enjoy the tapered brush head for deep cleaning action under the rim of your toilet and other hard-to-reach places.


  • Enhance the overall decor of your bathroom with this attractive product
  • Fibers of the brush are strong and durable
  • Long-lasting product


  • Some reviewers claim the brush and caddy are too small
  • Only available in one color

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What Toilet Brush will do the job?

We hope you have found the toilet cleaning brush you are looking for after seeing our extensive list of the top 10 best products.

We have everything from designer toilet brushes that’ll compliment and enhance the look of your bathroom to more basic designs that are simply meant to get one of life’s dirtiest job done.

Choose the InterDesign models for epic cleaning power and a sleek and modern looking ornate brush and caddy combo.

Perhaps, you are looking for a simpler model and the Rely2016 Bathroom Toilet Bowl Stainless Steel Toilet Brush with Holder Set is more your style.

At the end of the day, we had to choose a brush for our #1 spot and we opted to go with the DINY Home Collection Stainless Steel Toilet Brush With Holder and Drip Cup.

This brush, caddy, and drip cup set are simple, tough, and priced perfectly for the average user. You’ll find that daily toilet cleaning has never been easier or more convenient when you have this brush included in your cleaning armory.

Looking for something a bit more extensive? You’ll love the all-in-one Ying Toilet and Drain Plunger Combo Kit with Brush and Caddy. This model comes with everything you need to clean your toilet plus a plunger.

We hope you’ve found the perfect toilet brush from our list that provides you with all the cleaning strength you desire.