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Hey there!  It’s me, Liz from Liz on Call.  It’s been awhile since I’ve shared any projects here at Reasons to Skip the Housework.  But let me tell you, I’ve been doing a lot of housework skippin lately!  We moved at the end of summer right before school started and my house is still a mess!  Eventually it will all come together.  But I’m excited to be sharing this super fun project with you.  I’m not a huge fan of Halloween and I’m absolutely terrified of spiders, but these spider web picture frames are just too cute!  And perfect for Halloween!

Spider Web frames with free cut file

This project was super easy because I used my cutting program.  I created my spider web frame design and opened them in my silhouette program.  I highlighted the trace area and made sure to turn up the high pass filter so the entire thing turned yellow.  Then I hit the trace button.

Spider Web frames with free cut file

I wanted to get rid of the black pdf. file so that all that was left was the red cut file.  I just dragged the black spider web frame over, selected it and deleted it.  Leaving just the red cut spider web frame.

Spider Web frames with free cut file

I loaded my black cardstock onto my cutting mat, selected the cardstock option in the cut settings, made sure my blade was set and let the machine do all the hard work.

Spider Web frames with free cut file

Once all my frames were cut out and I removed all the extra pieces that were still hanging on, I got my pictures trimmed up so they would fit perfectly on the spider web frames.

Spider Web frames with free cut file

I just used a glue stick and went around the thin edges of the frame area.

Spider Web frames with free cut file

I centered my picture onto the back of the frame and pressed it down so it would seal around the edges.  My pictures fit just perfectly on the frames.

Spider Web frames with free cut file

Then it was just a matter of decideing where I wanted to display them!  They really look cute anywhere.

Spider Web frames with free cut file

Like I said, I’m sharing my cut files with all of you today!  I created 2 different sizes 5×7 and 5×5.  They are a pdf file and should work in your cutting program.  Just click on the size you’d like to download.  These files are for personal use only.

5 x 7    –     5 x 5

Thanks for hanging with me.  I’d love to be friends on social media.  I’ve got some fun projects coming up in October, you won’t want to miss them!

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Happy Crafting!


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