Restaurant Style Salsa

Living in Phoenix, we are huge Mexican food junkies!  There are some weeks that we eat a Mexican food meal 4 nights a week! 

What comes with that is being pretty picky about salsa. 

We just can’t eat jar salsa. 

It’s just wrong.

We’re salsa snobs.

restaurant style salsa

This restaurant-style salsa from The Pioneer Woman is the PERFECT restaurant style salsa and it’s easy to make.

I am embarrassed to say that I made two batches in the last 4 days.  We chow this stuff down!

I made a few adjustments to her recipes, {i doubled the cilantro because we can’t get enough of the stuff!}

but her recipe is just perfect the way it is!


Serve with tortilla chips, in burritos, on top of enchiladas, in Taco Salad, or

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