Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches

Here in Phoenix, ice cream is a big hit in the summertime.  I enjoy ice cream, but I always find ice cream in a bowl boring.  I love ice cream from shops, in a waffle cone, all dolled up, but I don’t find myself eating ice cream at home, in a bowl, too often.  I am always trying to discover new creations WITH ice cream and what better way to enjoy your ice cream than with some Oreos?  Or, what better way to enjoy your ice cream than sandwiched between some Oreos?!? 

oreo ice cream sandwiches

These mini ice cream sandwiches are easy to make, using just ice cream and Oreo cookies.  For these sandwiches I used the new Tillamook ice cream that is delicious!  I used Orgeon Strawberry and Chocolate Mudslide…

tillamook ice cream

oreo ice cream sandwiches2

oreo ice cream sandwiches stacked
A delicious, easy to eat treat for everyone in the family!

Tillamook Ice Cream
Check out these fun flavors!!!!

Most people know Tillamook for their award-winning cheese, but they also make delicious ice cream and yogurt!!   
Want to see what stores carry Tillamook Ice Cream? Check out their ‘Where to Buy App’ and enter your zip code.

{Tillamook shared a few flavors with me….and I thank them for that! #sponsored }


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  1. Mmm! These sound delicious, especially with Chocolate Mudslide ice cream in between the layers of cookie. Yum! Pinning, Melanie. You recently redesigned the site, right? The header looks great!

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