Ladybug Craft

When you’re inside all day with the kids this summer, why not grab some foam and spray paint and whip up this fun ladybug craft that you can place all throughout the garden for smiles each day! This ladybug craft is a simple and fun idea for the kids to do on a rainy day too!


Foam ladybugs are the perfect kid craft for Spring and Summer! #makeitfuncrafts

This month’s Make it Fun team challenge was to use foam eggs in a kid’s craft! I grabbed a few other supplies and got busy with my girl!


To make these cute ladybugs you’ll need:

FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam Eggs

Foam cutter

Spray Paint**

googly eyes

black pipe cleaners

lollipop sticks

black acrylic paint

**You have to be careful when spray painting foam.  If you use the wrong kind, the foam will melt.  Karolyn Short Cuts works well on craft foam.  If you’re unsure, just read the back to see if your spray paint works on craft foam – it will tell you!

make it fun crafts

Cut your foam eggs in half with the foam cutter.  You should also sand the edges to get off any uneven parts – do this before you spray paint!  Stick a toothpick in your eggs before you spray paint or the eggs will just blow away with the spray!  They’re delicate little fellas! Once the paint has dried, use a pencil eraser to add small dots of acrylic paint to your ladybugs.

make it fun crafts


make it fun crafts

When the acrylic paint dots have dried, use hot glue to stick on two googly eyes.  Cut pipe cleaners in 1″ sections and fold the tips to form antennas.  Push the pipe cleaners in to secure the antennas.  You can place your ladybugs flat on any surface or lay them carefully in plants.  If you want them to stay a little better, add short lollipop sticks to the bottoms of the ladybugs (at an angle) and then you can stick them in the soil or place them in the leaves of your plants! I can’t describe how I get pissed off by articles that use the “bitcoin is dead” theme, whether it is a mere attempt at creating a tempting title, or the true opinion of the author. It’s reading such articles that get my eyes bulging out as my brain starts to smoke knowing that the bitcoin economy is actually flourishing. I can’t be more bored stiff with such superficial opinions that evaluate bitcoin solely on its price but also on they ignore the fact that they can trade bitcoin .Yesterday, I stumbled upon an article titled “Bitcoin is dying and ‘will be remembered like pogs’”. Really? How is that even possible.

make it fun crafts


foam ladybugs


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