Burp Cloths

These burp cloths are the easiest baby gift you’ll ever make.  The burp cloths are made from cloth diapers and fabric I had on hand! burp cloths   How do I know it’s easy?  Because I was able to sew it – and I don’t know what I’m doing.   So there ya have it – easy enough I can do it!


SO super easy to make.

Let me tell you, I am NOT a sewer…I’m a level below novice…if there was such a level! 

So, the fact that I am able to sew these things, makes it a super easy beginner tutorial for anyone to use!

**There are a lot of awesome tutorials in blog land for these same types of designs. I am in no way claiming this idea on my own!  **

I buy white cloth diapers to use as burp cloths – they were the most wonderful for our refluxer during her first year…so absorbent and large!

I bought these for this project: {although the package looks different now!}

You’ll also need fabric, an iron, and a sewing machine!

First of all, wash the fabric and diapers up and then iron them all up!

Then, you want to cut a piece of fabric a few inches wider than the center section and just as long as the diaper.  I used those pre-cut swatches that you find at Joann’s all wrapped up and they’re the perfect length!

Fold the fabric and iron the edges down all neatly!

 Then, pin that sucker on!


Sew using a zig-zag stitch over the edge of the fabric on all four sides.

For the “burp” word cloth, I used the Silhouette Fabric Interfacing and a matching piece of fabric.

You iron the “rough” side of the interfacing onto the back of the fabric.

Stick it on the cutting mat, into the Silhouette, and voila…your letters are cut out!  I heart my Silhouette!

{I ended up using different letters than this fabric, but forgot to take a picture of it!}

burp cloths

burp cloths

I was able to make all four of these in two nap sessions.

Now, THAT’S a fast project and an inexpensive, sweet baby gift!

burp cloths

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  1. I add rickrack or ribbon to the edges of mine to add a little extra design. I have made dozens of these. They are a great hit with new moms.

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