Bloody Mary Guajillo Salsa

As you prep your menu for your Super Bowl party, more than likely, you’ll find yourself needing a few salsa recipes!  

Here’s a unique salsa that will get the party goers talking!


Bloody Mary Guajillo Salsa ::  traditional “fried” chile salsa meets a favorite brunch-time cocktail.

This saucy salsa is slightly sweet and spicy with the punch of a bloody Mary, backed up by flavorful guajillo chiles.

A perfect pairing with your favorite Mexican lager beer.


Food Network has plenty of Spiked Salsa recipes for you to whip up for your party as well!

spiked salsa recipes

 Is your family big salsa eaters?  Living in Arizona, we eat salsa day and night!  It’s a staple in our home! 

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