10 Best Garden Sprayers Reviewed in 2022

if you are a gardener whether by hobby or trade, having a quality garden sprayer is a must-have. The Best Garden Sprayer can be used for so much more than just spraying your garden. Use them for the lawn, flower beds, and even on the driveway when you want to get rid of pesky weeds growing in the cracks.

There are so many different styles, shapes, and sizes of garden sprayers that it might be a bit overwhelming to choose the one that fits your needs. We’ve decided to do the legwork for you and scour Amazon for the garden sprayers that have the highest star ratings and best reviews.

We’ve included brands like Planted Perfect and Chapin International. You’ll see a variety of features and price ranges to choose from.

Whether you want to keep your vegetable garden watered and free from weeds or you need a way to moisten your flower beds, we are confident that you’ll find a sprayer on our top 10 list.

Are you ready to get to the list? Awesome! Let’s hop to it.

10. Planted Perfect Pressure Sprayer

This handy little garden sprayer comes in 1 and 2-liter sizes. Now, that’s affordable!

We like this sprayer because of it’s multi-purpose misting mechanism. Use this sprayer in your garden, for automotive, pest control, and so much more.

You’ll love the easy-to-adjust durable brass nozzle that makes this perfect for spraying over veggies, cleaning, and oils.

Did you know that when you purchase this garden sprayer the company will plant a tree? How cool!

Check out what the company has to say, “Splash. That is the sound of water washing over your plants. You are drowning them, washing away your flowers and herbs. It is not your fault. You do not have the right tools for the job. You NEED a fine misting, precise water sprayer, something that soothes rather than soaks plants. So here is a new all-purpose sprayer for you. Water plants, spray fertilizers and pesticides, clean up and even degrease auto parts if needed”.


  • Built to last, rust-proof, chemical resistant material
  • Comfortable to use and very lightweight
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • Some user complaints about the nozzle breaking
  • Another user claims the plastic developed a hole in less than 4-months time

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9. Field King Professional

It has been equipped with an internal no-leak design and is much safer to use with chemicals because they won’t drip down your back. This garden sprayer is meant to be worn like a backpack.

You’ll appreciate the durable 21-inch poly wand that has been made with the highest quality Viton seals which can be used with wettable powders and liquids.

The sprayer comes with internal paddles, an internal pressure chamber, and can be repaired in minutes without using any tools.


  • Internal components are made with durable brass material
  • The highest quality of Viton seals are used for maximum chemical resistance
  • Equipped with a 4-nozzle system


  • When sprayer is filled to maximum capacity it can be quite heavy to wear on the back.

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8. Chapin 61900 4-Gallon Sprayer

With over 900 customer reviews, this amazing garden sprayer has received a 4-star Amazon rating. The Chapin 4-gallon tree and turf sprayer comes equipped with a translucent tank with a 4-inch mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning.

This sprayer is compatible with most common fertilizers and weed killers and pesticides.

Here is a word from the company, “With Chapin professional and commercial-duty sprayers, your results are more precise and efficient. Applying product with greater precision reduces waste, and prevents over-application. Larger openings allow for quicker refills, and increased comfort reduces fatigue on large jobs”.


  • Equipped with a 3-stage filtration system with in-tank removable/cleanable filter
  • Comes with a cushion grip shut-off with three nozzles
  • Designed with padded shoulder straps for hours of comfortable use


  • Some complaints of the sprayer being hard to pump
  • A user claims the plastic threaded parts are not made of quality materials

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7. Smith Sprayer Lawns and Gardens

You can use it in the garden, on the lawn, and many other places. It is super easy to use and only requires a 1-step assembly.

Easily fill, pressurize, and spray this awesome little tank. It can also be used to pressure clean decks, siding, and concrete.

You can freely use bleach and other harsh chemicals when cleaning bricks, tubs, showers, and more.


  • Built with a comfort-grip shut-off that also locks for continuous spraying
  • Replaceable Viton seals and gaskets throughout the pump and wand for chemical resistance and sprayer longevity
  • Comes with poly adjustable nozzle


  • Some users have complained about the quality of the material is poor
  • Other buyers have said that customer service is not very good

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6. Roundup 190260 Lawn and Garden

Roundup 190260 Lawn and Garden

It is meant to meet all of your home and garden needs by helping you to control insect invasions, weeds, and also cleaning decks and siding.

The pressure release cap is safe to use and send vapors and liquids down and away before the top is opened.

You’ll love the highly-efficient pump that requires 25% fewer strokes which saves you time and money.


  • Equipped with a premium shut-off with comfort grip and lock-on feature for continuous spraying
  • Includes 3 nozzles for all of your spraying needs
  • Designed with a durable metal wand with comfort grip


  • Complaints of the plastic being “cheaply made”
  • Reports of fluid shooting out of the handle during pumping

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5. Chapin 1002 48-Ounce Hand Sprayer

If you are looking for something small and simple to use in your garden or on your flower beds, this Chapin handheld sprayer is for you.

This little bottle holds about 48 ounces of liquid. It is a poly bottle made with a wide mouth hole for easy filling.

You’ll like the fact that it is compatible with most common fertilizers, weed killers, and pesticides.


  • Adjustable nozzle for fine mists to a coarse stream
  • Equipped with an anti-clog filter
  • Designed with an ergonomic handle for comfort and ease during use


  • some users complained that the pump “failed” and would not build pressure
  • Sometimes the trigger sticks

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4. Heavy Duty Hand Sprayer

We included this garden nose handle for all the folks who are looking for a simple nozzle to attach to their hose. It is made from heavy-duty material, is very easy to install, and even easier to use.

Check out what the manufacturer has to say about the no drip, high pressure, and multi-purpose mechanisms, “The Power Is In Your Hands. This Nozzle Sprayer Can Be As Powerful As You Want It To Be. Use The Adjustable Flow Thumb Lever To Fine Tune The Water Pressure To Your Needs. Simply Adjust The Thumb Lever To Achieve a High-Pressure Or Low-Pressure Flow. It’s Easy To Use And Is The Perfect Garden Tool For Anyone In The Family”.

We really like that you can adjust the water flow with the easy-to-use control knob. Make the water flow spray at high or low pressure, depending on what you are spraying. There 10 convenient spray options available.


  • Made from solid metal and a baked enamel finish
  • Fitted with a soft, ergonomic rubber comfort grip
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Amazing customer service


  • Some users reported that the nozzle didn’t last very long

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3. TABOR TOOLS Pressure Sprayer

This wonderful lawn and garden sprayer comes in 2 different sizes: 1.3-gallon and 2.0-gallon.

You’ll love this multifunctional compression sprayer for indoor and outdoor use. The sturdy sprayer is compatible with most commercial fertilizers, weed killers, and fungicides.

You can even use this sprayer with mild pesticides.

The bottle is transparent so you can always see how much solution/water that you have left.


  • Very easy to fill and use
  • Comes with a practical spraying wand
  • The company guarantees your satisfaction and will promptly fix or replace any issues you may have with the garden sprayer


  • Some questions have been raised whether the seals are actually Viton or not
  • Isn’t equipped with a spray pattern adjustment

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2. Solo 418 One-Hand Pressure Sprayer

Solo 418 One-Hand Pressure Sprayer

It has been designed with an ergonomic grip for ease of use and superior comfort.

You’ll love the chemical resistant seals that provide extended use of the sprayer, even with harsh chemicals. The multi-directional nozzle allows for spraying from all positions.

Bask in the convenience of the unique drift/drip guard that provides added control for easy spot treatment. Yes, you can use this garden sprayer on your carpets and upholstery!

Check out what the manufacturer has to say, “The Solo 418 One-Hand Pressure Sprayer is the quality you would expect from all Solo products. It comes standard with Viton gasket and O-rings to withstand the use of harsh chemicals. Continuous spraying ability with the comfortable lock-on trigger reduces hand fatigue. Multi-angle spray nozzle accommodates a vast variety of spraying angles and allows you to spray effectively underneath the leaves. Convenient drift/drip guard facilitates a more controlled spraying application”.


  • Designed with a locking trigger as to reduce user fatigue
  • Equipped with a pressure relief valve that releases excess pressure
  • Affordable


  • Some complaints that the sprayer doesn’t last very long

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1. Chapin International Garden Sprayer

This gardener sprayer by Chapin International comes in many different sizes. We love that you have options.

The 1-gallon funnel top and translucent tank make for easy filling and cleaning. This also makes the sprayer very user-friendly.

You’ll like to know that this model is compatible with many common liquid fertilizers, weed killers, and pesticides.

Check out what the manufacturer has to say, “Chapin’s lawn and garden sprayer comes equipped with a comfortable shut off designed for hours of spraying. This is great for longer spray applications. Maximize your sprayers potential with this unit, instructions for the shut off are in the manual or call Chapin’s in-house customer service number”.


  • Equipped with a sure spray anti-clog filter
  • Allows you to spray concentrate and saves you money
  • Designed with an ergonomic handle for easy pumping and carrying


  • Some users claim that the sprayer needs to be taken care of very well as the material is very cheap and needs to be serviced, often

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Useful Hacks For Reducing Weeds In Your Garden

If you are someone in the market for garden sprayers, that means you’re serious about keeping your landscape looking good. If you’re struggling with keeping weeds at bay, here are a few tips:



Mulch helps to ward off weeds, locks in moisture, regulates temperatures, limits evaporation, and minimizes the splash on your plants by keeping them clean and diminishing fungi. It also acts as natural compost which returns humus back into the soil. You can use several substances for mulch such as wood chips, grass, pine needles, leaves, straw, and hay.



Vinegar works well to kill off weeds, but they can also damage your plants. Be careful not to get it on your vegetation—cover your flowers and plants with a dog cone before spraying. The vinegar will combat against the roots and kill them down to the source. Also, you might have to spritz the weeds more than once to make sure they’re gone.



Cardboard works as a natural barrier because it’s tough and prevents weeds from growing through. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to tear, and it doesn’t allow water to come through easily. Furthermore, cardboard attracts earthworms and fungi, which surprisingly is beneficial for plants.



Putting a thick coating of newspaper on top of your garden soil and add mulch on top to keep it in place. Before you put the paper down, prep your garden, put your compost and worm castings down, then put in a soaker hose prior to putting the newspaper down. Doing this process ensures that your flowers and plants get watered, but keep the weed seeds out. Lastly, create a tiny hole in the paper where you can plant a seed. By the time the plant grows, it’ll be decomposed and have additional humus in the soil.


Plant Your Vegetation In Blocks

Planting in blocks helps to shade out weeds and reduces them significantly. However, if you plant them in thin rows, only a small area gets shaded—blocking is the best practice.


Best Practices For Killing Weeds

Now that you know more about how to rid your garden of weeds, here are a few tips and tricks to prevent them from taking over your plants:

Pull weeds up with they are small to prevent them from spreading. Catching them early will help you keep the problem at bay.

It’s better to pull weeds when the soil is damp. They can be sort of tough, so having softer ground makes it easier to uproot them.

Pulling roots on a regular basis will keep from having to do a lengthy pulling project if the problem gets out of hand. It might seem like a chore to pull weeds every other day, but that only takes a few minutes, and it’s worth the effort.

Pull up the entire root from the ground. If you only remove half of it, there’s a chance it’ll continue to grow and spread.

If you live on a farm, weeds can be used to feed ducks, chickens, and other livestock. It’s best to benefit from them if possible.

Why We Chose Chapin International Garden Sprayer As Our Top Choice…

We are thoroughly impressed by all of the garden sprayer models we have listed. All of them have high star ratings and stellar reviews. However, we had to choose one for our top spot, so we decided to go with Chapin International Garden Sprayer.

This sprayer serves a multitude of purposes that extend beyond the garden making it multifunctional. We like that. The item is affordable and very easy to use. It’s a huge plus that the spray nozzle is designed to be anti-clog.

Which garden sprayer do you plan to purchase, today? If you are like us and wish to bring the Chapin International Garden Sprayer home with you. click on the yellow Amazon button and add it to your cart.

You won’t be sorry.