Bean and Rice Burritos

chicken burritos

I make nothing that takes more than 15 minutes to make.  I’m just not a detailed cooker. 

If I can’t prep it while my girl is watching Paw Patrol or Peppa Pig, it’s not getting made.  I make a basic beans and rice base, and then either cook up chicken to add in or steak, if we’re splurging for the week!

My husband can eat these Bean and Rice Burritos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if I let him, so they’re an easy meal to make each week for us to munch on throughout the week!

beans and rice



I don’t even eat this mix in a tortilla most of the time. 

I usually just heat it up in a bowl and chow down. 

Add a little shredded cheese before you heat it up, and a dollop of sour cream and it’s the perfect Bean and Rice Bowls or Bean and Rice Burritos.

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