tshirt bag

Why not repurpose a white tee and turn it into a tshirt bag?

Tshirt Bag
My girl has been big into pretend play in the last 6 months.  She LOVES to shop with her real shopping cart, in her “grocery store” that’s stocked with canned goods and cut apart fruit!  She’s been putting all of her groceries in a small Bath and Body Works bag which has worked fine, but it was pretty torn up, so it was time for a new bag!  Enter a white tshirt and Cricut Iron On Vinyl – all you really need to make a fun children’s tshirt bag.  

tshirtbag 2
To make the basic bag, I took a plain white tshirt and turned it inside out.  I sewed the bottom of the shirt to create the bottom of the bag, then cut the arms off and the neck off.  I used my sewing machine to hem up the arms and neck opening, although you could easily leave them open and just let it be more casual.  



Totally had to bribe her with jelly beans so she would model for me!


Using the my Cricut and  Iron On Vinyl sheets, I cut out various flower shapes and ironed them onto the bag.  I added buttons on some flowers just for added bling.  

She’s already packed it full of groceries many times.  It’s such a fun tote for her to play with!

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