Places That Should Have Drive Thrus

drive thrus
As a mom, I’ve come to the conclusion that my life would be so much easier if the following places would offer a drive-thru option.  I would even pay a fee for the service – anything to not have to do the following, everytime I need just a few things in a store:
  • Take the munchkin out of the carseat.
  • Put the munchkin in a cart.
  • Keep the munchkin from climbing out of the cart {or, in my case, FALLING out of the cart} Yes, it happened once – don’t judge.
  • Getting through checkout without the munchkin touching the debit machine buttons.
  • Getting the little munchkin back in the car.
I’d probably spend a lot less if I went through the drive-thru.
{MY Target does NOT have a security guard BTW}
{Target was also the scene of the cart crime mentioned above}
When I just want a quick soda in a lovely styrofoam cup a drive thru would be just lovely!
 Jamba Juice
Really…why didn’t they think of a drive thru?  
I’d be there daily!
Fro Yo Joints
I know exactly what flavor and what toppings I’d get – just dish it up for me and hand it through the window.
Grocery Stores
I know they already have grocery delivery, but how about a window for 5 items or less?  When I’m out and forgot black olives for tonight’s tacos, I’d love for them to just run and grab them for me. 
 Think about it people, you know it’s a great idea!

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Melanie works full time at Tuft & Needle and blogs part time evenings and weekends when her daughter is working on the cars with her dad!

18 thoughts on “Places That Should Have Drive Thrus

  1. Oh please a Tarjay drive thru!!! I would probably spend a lot less there too!! Love this!!


  2. Ah I am begging for a Target drive thru as well. Also, my oldest fell out of the cart at Walmart one time. Im definitely not judging!

    Anywhoodles. I also agree that the post office should have a drive thru. Although Im sure it would be just as damn busy as it is inside.

  3. Oh my gosh! I would never get out of the car if these places had drivethroughs! There is a time and a place to go in shopping, but when I literally need just a gallon of milk…*sigh* wouldn't it be loverly?

  4. Oh man! Stores don't realize how much they would make off of mom's who DREAD getting out of the car with kids for ONE item… You go in for ice and come out with screaming children…because they couldn't have some ball that you didn't even see in the first place, a Dr. Pepper that you didn't need but thought it might make you feel better, and some kind of candy that you certainly did NOT put in the buggy nor see the cashier swipe but when you look at your receipt you did in fact pay for it…. oh I'm sorry.. how did I get onto my life?!

    haha… Yes, I agree… I want drive through targets! That would make my life a little better!

  5. I agree aobut the grocery stores! I've even told my hubby that a million times! Just like you said, a 5 items or less drive through! And you get what you get, and you can't use coupons or anything, right? LOL I mean, after all, you go through the drive through cuz it's easier, right?

  6. I totally agree with most of these (though I don't think I'd use the Target drive-thru as I love going in and don't have the issue with munchkins).

    I had a dream once where the shopping mall I visit was sort of like a car wash. You drove in and then you were on a conveyer belt that you could stop in front of a store. Employees were at the front to get you what you need. It was awesome!

  7. HaHa YES! I would love a drivethru at all of those places. I also think Target should have delivery boys….or girls, it really doesn't make a difference. 🙂

  8. This is so true! I have thought many, many times that some of my faves should have a drive through. With 4 kids to get out of car seats it would help me get so much more done in less time!!!

  9. I don't even have kids and I think that having a drive thru at each of those places would be great. I went to Walmart the other day (don't judge) and it was chaos! Just the parking alone warrants a drive thru!

  10. Totally agree!!!! Sometimes i just don't go to certain stores just because I'll have to take my 2 year old out of the car seat!!! and now i'm pregnant again, so it's just getting harder!!

  11. YES! drive through POST OFFICE for sure! lol

    also, a place just to drive through and ask for a couple of gallons of milk. Like a mini mart or something. I heard that some mini marts in the south do have drive throughs? anyone know about that? *jealous* LOL

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