Top 10 Standing Desks Reviewed in 2022

top standing desk

There are many reasons that you may be considering a stand-up desk. As people move towards more sedentary careers, they find themselves without reason to move throughout much of the day. You want to find the top standing desk for your workspace. For this reason, people find themselves suffering from diseases that occur due to lack of exercise, and also injuries due to chronic repeated motions.

Stand-up desks can allow you to move more often through the day and change your posture more frequently so that you can avoid some of these problems. Good stand-up desks allow you to choose your height and switch between seating and standing for customized comfort.

For most people, it is not necessarily better to stand all the time, any more than it would be to sit all the time. The goal is to find a variety of standing and sitting so that you can achieve the most motion and the least repetitive activities throughout your day.

There are desks that are designed only for standing or achieving an open hip, wide position while working. These desks do not allow for sitting, and unless you have another sitting desk to use, it is probably best not to opt for a stand the only desk.

If this is to be your sole working desk, it is best that the height is adjustable so that it is flexible to meet all of your needs. You may find that you prefer computing at a particular height, handwriting at another height and that different heights suit you better on different days or depending on your mood or physical condition at the time.

It is not necessarily required that you get an entirely new desk to replace your sitting desk in order to have a standing capacity. Many standing desks can fit on top of your existing desk to provide a standing working surface. You can simply remove the standing attachment when you would like to use your sitting desk again.

10.Spark by Ergodriven | The Perfect Standing Desk

This straightforward standing desk fits on top of your existing desk or tabletop surface. This desk can support over a hundred pounds.

Whether you are using an all-in-one computer, a monitor, or a laptop, this convenient device can give you the support you need. The two-level arrangement allows separate support for the keyboard and the mouse so that your back, shoulders, wrist, and neck can all be at the perfect alignment. There’s a surprising amount of variety in stand designs for two monitors , ranging from simple freestanding risers to multi-jointed ergonomic arms.


  • Cardboard construction is light but can support up to 100 lb
  • Fits on top of your current desk or available surface


  • Cardboard construction will decay if it gets wet in over time
  • Tends to make the screen wobble
  • The keyboard and mouse area squeaks

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9.Adjustable Laptop Table, Portable Standing Bed Desk

The large easy to use clamps allow for you to adjust the angle from 0 to 30 degrees so that you can find the best angle to work, or watch movies or do whatever you need to do.

Being able to adjust the angle will help protect your cervical spine and lumbar area. The height of this desk adjusts with two auto lock buttons on each side. It can be adjusted to four positions to fit adults or children. This multifunctional little table can be used as a workstation for your laptop, a standing desk, or a TV tray for illness or eat in bed.


  • Easy to adjust the angle from 0 to 30 degrees
  • Quick height adjustment using two auto lock buttons
  • Foldable for easy storage


  • Does not have as much space as may be desired
  • Only one level does not allow for you to elevate the screen over the keyboard and mouse

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8. SDADI Mobile Stand Up Desk 

This nifty little desk is customizable to meet your needs. It can be adjusted from 27.5 to 45.3 in to comfortably suit users of any height, whether they want to use the desk sitting or standing. The split top design with an upper and lower tier allows you to separate your screen from a keyboard and mouse so that your neck can be at the exactly correct level.

The lower-tier can be tilted for comfortable typing or for resting a book or magazine and reading. Two-inch caster wheels allow you to move the desk from room to room and slide it comfortably up to the edge of a bed or couch.


  • Adjustable from 27.5 to 45.3 in for comfortable sitting or standing
  • Split top design with adjustable lower-tier allows exact customization
  • Stable wheel design allows you to move from room to room


  • Surfaces are too small for many users
  • Feels wobbly, especially in a standing position

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7. Executive Office Solutions Portable  Laptop Desk

This modern looking desk by Executive Office Solutions is lightly constructed for easy carrying. It is made to be adjustable to hold your laptop at any angle. The fully adjustable legs rotate 360 degrees and can lock into place at any angle for the exact position you are looking for. The stand can be collapsed to be transported.

This versatile lightweight aluminum tray can be used as a TV dinner tray, as sound equipment or a projector, or as a standing desk. The non-slip feet allow it to be put on any surface so that you can change any existing desk or table into a standing desk.


  • A USB powered CPU cooling fan can be connected to your computer to power the silent cooling fans
  • Fully adjustable to customize to your height and angle preferences
  • Light aluminum construction is fully collapsible for easy transportation


  • Legs can be a bit wobbly
  • Plastic hinges are not well made

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6. VIVO Black Height Adjustable 36″ Stand up Desk 

The dual gas spring force of this standing desk will allow you to go from sitting to standing in one smooth easy motion. The innovative Simple Touch height locking mechanism is adjustable from 6.5 to 17 in so that you can effortlessly find your perfect height.

The 36 inch by 22 inch top surface area gives you plenty of space to work. You can have space for a single monitor, dual monitors, or a laptop and a monitor. Customize your workspace with the dual-tier lower deck to hold your keyboard and mouse at the perfect height for your neck.


  • Turns any desk or table into a desk for sitting or standing work with easy adjustments
  • Dual gas spring to make transitioning height effortless
  • Space for dual monitors


  • Would have been nice to have more room for the mouse
  • Keyboard adjustments are a bit tight

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5.Premium Standing Desk, Stand Up

This sleek standing desk from Desk Dock offers a 36-inch wide top surface to effortlessly fit two monitors with room to spare. This model comes with a free anti-fatigue mat so that your standing work experience will be comfortable. The keyboard tray of the standing desk is extra spacious so you will have plenty of space for a full-size keyboard and room to move the mouse around on the same level.

This desk comes with a convenient tablet or smartphone slot so that you can keep all of your devices at angles that are comfortable for viewing and within your reach. The gas spring arm of this desk allows you to easily move and adjust it in multiple locking positions, even at the max load of 35 lbs.


  • 36 inch wide top offers plenty of room for two monitors and your coffee and pens
  • Keyboard tray provides plenty of room for keyboard and mouse
  • Tablet or smartphone slot so you can keep all of your devices available to see and use


  • Jumps forward when raised and back when lowered, not just up and down
  • Not tall enough for a very tall users

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4. Standing Desk – X-Elite Pro 

This sleek and straightforward table goes up and down with ease and in seconds using the premium pump assisted lift. This standing desk does not have multiple levels but instead offers one large flat surface for your computer, keyboard, and mouse. You can raise this desk from 7 to 16 in.

This product comes fully assembled, which can be an advantage for some people who do not want to deal with assembling their standing desk. This desk could be used with any surface for standing or any standard desk for sitting. Just push down the desk to create a flat surface that can comfortably be used on top of your usual desk.


  • Large 1 tier flat surface good for people who don’t want to deal with the two-tier design
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Easy to adjust using the premium pump assisted lift


  • Heavy and so not easy to transport
  • Lack of tiered surfaces may not be as good for neck

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3.Standing Desk The House of Trade  Sit to Stand Up Desk Riser

This sturdy good-looking desk offers a multifunctional adjustable-height to promote better posture and reduce back and neck pain. You can easily adjust the height using the levers on each side. This supports a weight of 50 lb and the ergonomic design adjusts to most user’s height.

This desk won’t wobble like less expensive models, as it is heavy duty. The 24 in wide keyboard is wide enough to comfortably fit your keyboard and mouse, and it is retractable so you can push it away when you do not want to use it. This sturdy desk ships fully assembled, so you can feel confident that you will get a working desk that you will not have to assemble yourself.


  • Sturdy and less likely to wobble than competitors
  • Easily adjust to five different heights
  • Supports up to 50 lbs with ease


  • The keyboard tray is too small to comfortably fit keyboard and mouse
  • Difficult to lift and lower

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2. VIVO Height-Adjustable Standing Desk 

This height adjustable dual tier desk fits comfortably on top of your current desk and allows you to stand or sit with ease. The top platform rests 6.5 in from your desk in sitting position and can reach 16in maximum height. The sturdy steel frame and innovative gas spring can hold weight up to 37.5 lb without wobbling.  

Simply squeeze the handle to activate the gas spring for a smooth and easy height adjustment in an instant. 8 points of height adjustment allow you to customize the height to your exact specifications. The counterbalance tension of this desk allows it to adjust the weight of your desk and everything on it for an easy upward motion.


  • Two-tier surface allows your keyboard to rest in an ergonomic position for your wrist and neck
  • 36 in by 22 in surface holds two side-by-side monitors as well as anything else you need
  • Small storage tray on the front top surface for cell phone, pens, sticky notes, etc


  • Difficult to raise up
  • Doesn’t work well with heavier monitors

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1.Stand Steady FlexPro Hero Two Level Standing Desk

This Stand Steady desk is very easy to lift so that lifting the desk into a standing position will not irritate any existing back pain.  Hydraulic pumps enable you to effortlessly lift and lower this desk. The top shelf of this desk can reach up to 25 in, a comfortable height for anyone, up to 6’ 3.

The large two-tier surface can hold two monitors and all of your favorite accessories. If you do not want the lower level, it is easy to remove the keyboard tray. This desk is light and unobtrusive enough to fit easily into your office without taking up all of the surfaces of your existing desk


  • Hydraulic pump enables effortless lifting and lowering
  • Fits people up to six foot three
  • Easily removable keyboard tray


  • More difficult to raise two top height than to lower heights
  • Some people experience shaking in their system

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The Disadvantage Of Sitting Too Long

It’s nice to have a comfortable chair to sit in while you’re working, and while having a seat is good for resting your body, it can also be a hindrance. As you know, it’s important to be active throughout the day. But if you’re sitting, it makes it impossible. Luckily, there are standing desks that can help you get the movement you need, that traditional desks don’t provide. Here are a few disadvantages of sitting down too long:

Slouched Posture

If you are sitting at your desk for hours on end, there’s going to come a time when you get the urge to slouch over. You might lean forward and put your elbow on the desk to rest your face or slump down to get a little bit more comfortable. But whatever the reason, is not good for your posture, and if you have a job where you sit day in and day out, it can cause long-term problems on you. So do yourself a favor, and try to sit up straight or just use a standing desk.



It’s so easy to get sleepy while you’re sitting down, especially if you’re in a comfy chair. You become cozy, and all of a sudden, an office chair starts to feel like a bed. However, that’s a problem when you have work to do. You don’t want to find yourself nodding off just as your boss walks by. Thankfully, standing desks provide you with the ability to stay alert throughout the day.


Back Aches

If you work in an office fire environment where the chairs where are provided for you,  chances are you weren’t given the best seat for back support. Most office chairs provide just enough cushion for you not to feel like you’re sitting in a foldable chair, but that’s about it. If you don’t have proper back support, and you’re sitting for hours, you’re likely going to have backaches. It sucks, but that’s one of the disadvantages of having a seat all day.


Stiff Neck And Shoulders


Another big downside of sitting is strain to the neck and shoulders. If you’re having a stressful day or feeling anxious, it’s natural to become rigid. Therefore, if you’re not feeling relaxed, and you’re not getting proper support from your chair, that tension will move to your neck and shoulders. Not to mention, tilting your neck to look at a computer at a certain angle is also a contributing factor.


Weight Gain

Honestly, if you’re not active, it’s easy to gain weight. Office environments are notorious for causing additional pounds because people always sit and don’t get the necessary exercise to work it off. On the other hand, you can move around with a standing desk. For instance, if you want to march in place or do some leg kicks while working, that’s totally fine. But, you don’t necessarily have that option with a traditional desk.

Which should you buy?

The Stand Steady FlexPro Hero offers the most stable, most easily adjustable standing desk for your money. The ability to remove the lower level is convenient, and the capacity of the higher-level to fit people that are up to six foot three is better than competitive standing desks. Unlike many standing desks which will take up your entire existing desk or surface, this desk will look discreet on your existing desk and allow you to still have papers, and other things on the desk surface.

This desk makes it easy enough for you to adjust between sitting and standing that you are likely to change back and forth throughout the day, which is what is advised by experts for the health of your back and neck as well as for keeping blood circulating and reducing diseases caused by inactivity.