Top 10 Paper Shredders Reviewed in 2022

What is the Top Paper Shredder? You may not have given paper shredders much thought in your lifetime, but trust us, they are a vital tool to have on hand. Why? In the current climate we live in, identity theft is a large problem. Other than stealing people’s info from the internet, scammers can get it from your trash, too.

This is where a paper shredder comes in handy. You simply shred all of your sensitive information. Turn old bills, credit card statements, and other documents into confetti so that the bad guys can’t read it.

You don’t have to work in an office building to get used out of a good-quality paper shredder. Many people have them in their homes so they can shred personal information. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

So, now, we have your interest piqued on paper shredders, but which one do you buy? Well, we created this top 10 list of the best paper shredders that Amazon has to offer, just for you. You’ll see shredders of all shapes, sizes, and style. Plus, you’ll get through to browse through brands like Fellowes and Amazon Basics.

Each of these paper shredders has amazing feedback and almost 5-star ratings by actual customers who bought them.

Are you ready to choose your new paper shredder? Great! Let’s get to the list.

10. Bonsaii EverShred


This amazing little paper shredder can run for 60 continuous minutes! Talk about having a shredding frenzy. It doesn’t stop, either, until the job is done. It is designed with an Advanced Cooling system and patented Cutting technology.

You’ll be impressed by how this shredder can crosscut up to 18 pieces of paper at one time with one single pass. It turns papers into tiny particles.

This little powerhouse can also shred DVDs, CDs, and credit cards, too.


  • 62-decibel low noise level shreds papers, quietly
  • Designed with a 6-gallon pull-out wastebasket for infrequent emptying
  • Equipped with an auto start and auto reverse function


  • Complaints of the input slot not being very easy to feed papers through
  • Some shredded bits always seem to end up on the floor instead of the container, as reported by a verified buyer

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9. Aurora Paper Shredder


This Aurora paper shredder is noted as being a high-security shredder that can tear through paper and credit cards. It helps you to safely destroy all documents with pertinent information on them.

The shredder has been designed with micro-cut capabilities and cuts paper and cards into tiny pieces. The security level is P-4.

You’ll be impressed by the 5-minute continuous run time, auto start, and manual reverse.


  • Easily clears paper jams
  • Comes with auto shut-off and overheat LED indicator
  • Backed by a 1-year limited warranty


  • Does not shred cardboard very well

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8. AmazonBasics Paper Shredder


One of the things we really appreciate about this shredder is its ability to remove staples. There is no need to manually remove them.

You’ll love how this machine rips and shreds through CDs, DVDs, and credit cards. It can shred paper into 1/4-inch strips at a rate of 9.84 feet per minute.

This shredder runs for 2 continuous minutes.

Check out what the manufacturer has to say about this item, “Shred multi-page documents (up to eight sheets at a time) with this AmazonBasics strip-cut shredder. The machine quickly turns paper into 1/4-inch-wide strips at a rate of 9.84 feet per minute. Use the shredder to destroy ATM receipts, credit-card bills, mortgage statements, pay stubs, insurance packets, and other old or unwanted info. It will even shred credit cards and CDs (one at a time)”.


  • Equipped with an auto-start and auto-reverse feature to quickly clear paper jams
  • Comes with a hefty 3.2-gallon wastebasket
  • Backed by a 1-year limited warranty


  • Requires a 15-minute cooldown time after shredding for 2 minutes
  • Complaints of how quickly the shredder “heats up”

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7. Sentinel FM121P Shredder

This amazing shredder destroys up to 12 sheets of paper at one time. It can also destroy credit cards and old passports.

Check out the stats: Shred size: 0.16″ x 0.59″, 4mm x 15mm, micro-cut shred is security level 4 rated – shreds 7 feet per minute.


  • Equipped with auto-start and auto-stop and a manual reverse function
  • Designed with an over-heat indicator
  • Comes with a 1-year manufacturers warranty
  • Equipped with a 4-gallon wastebasket


  • Expensive
  • Some complaints about the opening not being wide enough

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6. AmazonBasics Paper Shredder


It is designed as a high-security, micro-cut shredder with a 6-sheet capacity. It also destroys credit cards.

If you want your paper to be shred into tiny pieces, this is the machine for you.

It has a 3-minute continuous run time with a 30-minute cooldown period.

Check out what the manufacturer has to say, “Choose the AmazonBasics micro-cut shredder when you need to destroy the most sensitive information. The shredder provides a high level of security–perfect for protecting you and your family’s identity at home or client information, business records, and highly classified documentation at work”.


  • Backed by a 1-year limited warranty
  • Auto-start and manual reverse to clear paper jams
  • Can handle ripping through staples for time-saving convenience


  • Requires a 30-minute cooldown
  • More of a light-duty shredder

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5. Aurora Shredder


This is a great paper shredder if you aren’t looking for anything too fancy. As you can see, it does not come with a wastebasket, however, it conveniently fits over the top of a standard sized-basket that you may already have.

It can shred credit cards, documents, and sensitive paperwork. You’ll like that it can shred up to 6 sheets of paper at once.

This paper shredder is equipped with thermal protection and overheat protection for your convenience.


  • Designed with auto-start and auto-stop features
  • Equipped with manual reverse for clearing out paper jams
  • Can shred up to 6 sheets of paper at once


  • No wastebasket included
  • Complaints that the shredder doesn’t shred pieces small enough

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4. Fellowes Powershred


We really like this shredder as it is quite a beast! This shredder can destroy up to 18 sheets of paper at once! We feel this item is perfect for industrial use at the office.

It can tear through paper, credit cards, paper clips, CDs, DVDs, and of course junk mail. It can run for 30 continuous minutes.

Check out what the company has to say about this shredder, “The Powershred 99Ci Cross-Cut Shredder is essential for securely shredding sensitive tax documents, CDs/DVDs, credit cards and other confidential materials. This child and pet safe shredder feature SafeSense Technology that stops shredding when hands touch the paper opening. The 99Ci shreds 18 sheets per pass into 5/32-inch x 1-1/2-inch cross-cut particles (Security Level P-4). Shreds for up to 30 minutes before a 40 minute cooldown period is needed. Features a 9-gallon bin. Includes 2-year product warranty and lifetime cutter warranty. For 1 – 3 users”.


  • Child and pet safe shredder stops when hands touch paper
  • Backed by a 2-year product warranty and a Lifetime Cutter Warranty
  • Great for both the home and office


  • Some complaints about the rolling wheel sockets being cheaply made and easily broken

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3. Fellowes Powershred W11C


This is an amazing paper shredder for so many reasons, however, we are completely smitten with the safety lock. You never have to worry about your kids or pets being harmed by the shredders powerful blades.

Amazingly, this shredder can destroy up to 11 sheets of paper at once. It can also tear through staples, credit cards, and more. It uses a cross-cut particle mechanism.

The item’s packaging indicates what is inside and is not hidden from the consumer.


  • Patented SafetyLock disables the shredder for added safety protection
  • Provides reliable shredding duties and is great to have near your desk for easy access
  • Comes with a 4.75-gallon wastebasket and equipped with a lift-off head with the handle


  • Only runs for 5 minutes and then needs a cooldown period
  • Contains small parts and can pose a choking hazard for small children

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2. AmazonBasics 12-Sheet Shredder


It is capable of shredding paper, CDs, DVDs, and credit cards. Plus, it contains a handy pull-out basket.

This device Shreds paper into tiny pieces (5/32 by 15/32 inches) at a rate of 6 feet per minute. That’s impressive!

Check out what the manufacturer has to say about this paper shredder, “High-security, micro-cut shredder with 12-sheet capacity destroys credit cards, CDs, and DVDs Shreds paper into tiny pieces (5/32 by 15/32 inches) at a rate of 6 feet per minute Auto start and manual reverse to clear paper jams 9.1-inch-wide paper feed 6.7-gallon pullout bin thermal protection with auto shut-off”.


  • 8-minute continuous run time
  • Massive 6.7-gallon pullout bin
  • 9.1-inch wide paper feed
  • Thermal protection with auto-shutoff
  • Backed by a 1-year limited warranty


  • Requires a 45-minute cooldown period after running for 8 continuous minutes

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1. AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Cross-Cut

Here is a word from the manufacturer, “Thoroughly shred multi-page documents (up to six sheets at a time) with this AmazonBasics cross-cut shredder. The machine quickly turns paper into strips measuring 7/32 by 1-27/32 inches. Use the shredder to destroy ATM receipts, credit-card bills, mortgage statements, pay stubs, insurance packets, and other old or unwanted info. It will even shred credit cards (one at a time), and there’s no need to remove staples or small paper clips”.

One of the best things about this shredder is that you don’t need to remove the staples from your documents as the shredder tears right through them. How convenient!


  • 6-sheet capacity
  • Destroys credit cards
  • Backed by a 1-year limited warranty
  • Easy to use


  • The basic shredder that may not be a great choice for heavy-duty use

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Do You Really Need A Paper Shredder?

When you think of using a paper shredder, you might automatically think of someone using it in an office setting and not at home. However, paper shredders are good to use in any setting where there’s paper with personal information on it. As you know, most people get loads of mail on a regular basis that contains private details. The best way to hide information that you don’t want others to see is to shred it. Here are a few advantages of using a paper shredder:


Protect Sensitive Information

In this day and age, criminals have become really clever in finding ways to steal from other people. With the rise of identity theft, it’s even more imperative that you shield your personal information as much as you can. By putting your documents through a paper shredder before throwing them away, you significantly reduce the risk of having your information stolen.


Cuts Down On Clutter

Paper has a way of piling up into clutter. You get letters in the mail, and instead of putting them in the trash, you toss them in a drawer and leave them unattended. Before you know it, you have loads of paperwork that you everywhere and you don’t remember what the documents were about. However, if you make a habit of reading your mail and immediately shredding what you don’t need, it drastically cuts down on clutter. If you have a shredder on hand, it’s easy to quickly put the papers through rather than tossing them aside.


Saves Time

You might be thinking there’s no need for a paper shredder when you can just cut your documents yourself. Well, you could do that, but it’s very time-consuming. With all the mail that you get on a regular basis, it takes time to rip your letters by hand or use scissors. Not to mention, if you plan on scribbling out sensitive information, that takes time as well. On the other hand, if you have a shredder, you can put it through the machine and be done.


Condenses Heavy Loads Of Paper

Have you ever gone through your paperwork and put it all in a trash bag? Remember how heavy it was? Putting your letters through a shredder makes it much more lightweight and easier to carry down to the garbage. Throwing large pieces of paper in a garbage bag together is a hassle, and it could potentially puncture the plastic and fall out.


Final Thoughts On Using A Paper Shredder

Taking the time to shred paper might seem like a hassle, but it’s nothing compared to the time it takes to repair your credit or file a dispute over stolen money. Truthfully, you can’t control everything, and even if you cut your documents, some of your information can still get stolen. However, it’s important that you do what you can to make sure your identity and everything you work hard for is safe.

Why We Chose AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Cross-Cut As Our Top Choice…

Wow! We sure listed a lot of paper shredder information for you to browse through. It can be overwhelming to make your choice but we hope we eased your stress by giving you clear and concise information about each one of these highly-recommended shredders.

We really like all of the products we have listed but we had to go with the AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Cross-Cut as our #1 choice. The shredder is simple to use, great for both household and office use, and quite affordable. We love that is can rip through staples! Nobody likes manually removing staples.

Which one of these paper shredders will you be purchasing today? We have to admit, we are rooting for our top choice, however, any of these paper shredders are destined for greatness.

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