Top 10 Camping Tents Reviewed in 2022

top camping tent

Camping can be a lot of fun, but your camping experience will only be as good as the weather unless you have a very good tent. A tent that does not provide enough room for you and your friends or family to relax will lead to tension due to overcrowding, especially if bad weather or bugs drive you all into the tent. You want the top camping tent I hope you will find it in this list. A tent with insufficient headroom is likely to cause the taller people in your group to choose between standing in the rain or kneeling in the tent, leading to frustration and irritation within your group.

Consider your personality and the personality of your friends and family when making a decision about a tent. Are you the kind of people who truck on even in inclement weather, and only need a dry place to sleep at night, or are you the sort who would like somewhere comfortable to relax in between natural ventures, especially if the weather is not good or where there are lots of bugs?

It is better to err on the side of getting a tent that is a little too large so that you will have room to spread out if you know you want to spend a good deal of time relaxing in your tent. If, on the other hand, you expect to hike long distances and every pound counts, you may prefer a super lightweight and compact tent that will sleep you comfortably but also allow you to travel with ease.

If your primary goal in getting a tent is to have somewhere to sleep after festivals or at events or protest, you can choose a low to the ground and lightweight tent that is easy to carry and that will give you shelter without drawing attention to itself or offering too much wind resistance.

10. SEMOO Double Layer,3-4 Person, 3-Season Lightweight 

If you want a straightforward tent for camping with up to three other people in various weather conditions, this affordable tent may be right for you. The high strength fiberglass frame will hold up to the weather while specialized tent material on the inner layer enables ventilation all the way around. The 2-ply design enables both ventilation and ample rain production. 19 steel tent stakes and 6 windproof guidelines are included with this tent along with a convenient carrying bag.


  • a reasonable price for a 4 person tent
  • 2 ply design enables both ventilation and rain protection
  • sturdy fiberglass poles and poly rainfly offer lightweight durability


  • does not provide much in the way of additional features
  • tight fit for four people

9. Happy Camper Two Person Tent by Wakeman Outdoors


2-Person Camping Tent - Includes Rain Fly and Carrying Bag - Lightweight Compact Outdoor Tent for Backpacking, Hiking, or Beach Use by Wakeman 6.25’ x 4.80’ x 3.50’
  • Perfect camping gear
  • For hiking, backpacking, and travelingDurable Material
  • Keeping yourself, your camping equipment, and your personal items dry when you are camping is half the

This versatile and effective little tent will have you and up to one other person camping in style. The durable materials that are used to construct this tent will keep you, your equipment, and your stuff dries even in heavy rain.

The large D style door makes it easier for you to get in and out of your tent, while the interior height of 3 and 1/2 feet make for a roomie feeling when you are sitting or lying inside. This tent comes with a convenient interior storage pocket to help keep you organized and a carrying bag to carry your tent while you hike.


  • affordable price for a durable tent
  • comes in several fun colors
  • weather resistant


  • does not provide much ventilation in the rain
  • minimal features
  • can find four-person tents for a similar price

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8. Coleman 4-Person Instant Cabin


If you are sick of domed tents that reduce your space inside the tent, this Coleman 4-person cabin may be right for you. This tent really does provide enough room for four people to comfortably sit inside.

The pre-attached poles make for a quicker and simpler set up so that you don’t have to struggle with putting the poles through the slots every time. You can just extend and secure the polls for this tent so that you’ll be set up in only about 60 seconds. The patented welded floors and the inverted seems will work together to keep rain out.


  •  more headroom than competing four-person tents
  • easy to set up design
  • WeatherTec system to keep out water


  • more expensive than comparable 4 person tents
  • does not provide much ventilation in the rain

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7. AmazonBasics Tent

If you think a tent should be straightforward and not too expensive and are not looking for too many bells and whistles, this basic tent by AmazonBasics may be right for you. You can get a four-person tent made of 100% polyester for durability. The dome style tent is water resistant and durable and has a water-resistant welded polyethylene floor and inverted seams.

The removable rainfly allows for fresh air flow when the weather is good, and an interior mesh storage packet provides somewhere for you to stash your things.


  • shock-corded poles
  • storage bag included
  • affordable price for 4 person tent


  • does not provide for much ventilation in bad weather
  • does not provide much headroom

6. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent


If you are sick of sharing a tight space with your friends or family when you go camping, this roomy tent may be the right option for you. This tent features not only room for up to 8 people to sleep, but also an attached screen room to serve as a living space.

Both the tent area and the screen room are covered so they can both be used in inclement weather. This front awning also allows you to enter and take off your wet clothes so that you do not get the sleeping area of the tent wet.


  • screen room is perfect for a shared space and for entering the tent without getting everything wet
  • lots of ventilation even in inclement weather due to screen room


  • more expensive than competing 8 person tents
  • takes longer to set up and is heavier to carry than competing tents

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5. Chillbo Baggins CHILLBO CABBINS Best 2 Person 

If what you want in a camping tent is mostly somewhere to sleep where you will be protected from the elements, this Chillbo Baggins tent may be right for you. This tent comes in a range of fun colors that make it perfect for going to festivals or other events with your friends.

The low and wind-resistant design will allow this tent to withstand even heavy winds and rains without you getting wet. A slightly sheltered front enables you to get wind flow even in bad weather. This tent is extremely lightweight and easy to carry so you won’t mind taking it with you.


  • low profile makes this tent wind and weather resistant
  • the range of fun colors and patterns so you’ll stand out at a festival


  • not much room within the tent
  • while the entryway provides some wind flow even in inclement weather, if wind faces into the entrance water will enter

4. Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent


This spacious tent provides plenty of room for you and your friends or family to relax on vacation while maintaining a low profile design that will protect you from inclement weather and not be blown away even in heavy winds.

Dividers are included in this tent so you can create three separate rooms for privacy. WeatherTech system enables patented welded floors that have inverted seams that will keep you dry. This big tent measures 17 by 10 ft with a 6-foot center height that will allow most adults to stand and stretch their backs, a very useful feature in a tent in bad weather.


  • plenty of room for up to 8 people
  • included dividers to create separate rooms within the tent
  • WeatherTech system with patented welded floors to keep your feet dry
  • 6-foot center so most adults can stand upright


  • bulkier and heavier than competing tents
  • not much opportunity for wind flow in bad weather

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3. Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent


Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping | Montana Tent with Easy Setup, Green
  • Durable, Polyguard tent fabric is made to last season after season with included rainfly for extra weather protection
  • Spacious interior has room for 3 queen airbeds and has a 6 ft. 2 in. center height
  • Snag-free, continuous pole sleeves for easy setup in about 15 minutes

This spacious 8-person tent is set aside by having good ventilation even in bad weather and sufficient awnings for you to take off your shoes and jacket before entering the tent. This tent is large enough to fit three queen size airbeds so you and your friends or family can sleep in comfort.

The patented corner wells and inverted seams will keep water out while the extended door awning helps you keep your gear dry and the hinged door offers easier access than what you typically expect from a tent. The 6-foot 2-inch center height allows average people to stand up fully in the center of this tent and the design extends the headroom on either side as well.


  • Design allows for ventilation and makes it easy for you to take your gear off before entering the tent because of the hooded awning
  • 6 foot 2-inch center height allows most people to stand comfortably
  • hinged door for easy access


  • bulkier and heavier than some competing tents
  • does not provide screen room

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2. Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent (Green and Navy color options)


Coleman 4-Person Sundome Tent, Palm Green
  • Dome tent with spacious interior allows you to move comfortably
  • Easy setup in only 10 minutes
  • WeatherTec system with patented welded floors and inverted seams to keep you dry

This sturdy 4 person tent is easy to set up in only 10 minutes so you can focus on enjoying your vacation instead of setting up your sleeping quarters. You and up to three other people can sleep in comfort in this dome style tent that will withstand even inclement weather conditions.

The WeatherTech system has a patented welded floor and inverted seams that will keep the floor dry, while the large windows and ground vent enable superior ventilation even in bad weather.


  • quick and easy to set up
  • light and easy to carry
  • allows for good ventilation even in rainy weather


  • does not provide much of an awning for you to take off wet clothing before entering the sleeping area
  • does not provide much headroom

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1. Coleman 6-Person WeatherMaster Tent


Coleman WeatherMaster Camping Tent with Screened Porch, Weatherproof 6-Person Family Tent with Included Rainfly and Carry Bag, Easy Setup Tent with Screened-in Porch
  • Spacious interior: Room for 2 queen-size airbeds and ample storage pockets to keep items organized.
  • Easy Entry and Exit: Hinged door for fast, hassle-free access.
  • Bug-Free Lounging: separate floorless screen room for insect-free relaxation.

This incredible tent can make you forget that you are camping, even in bad weather. The spacious 6-person tent has enough room for two queen-size airbags and includes a screen room for indoor/outdoor space. The screen room is floorless so that you can enter this room and use it to shake off water and take off wet clothing, and enjoy outdoor space without worrying about bugs.

The WeatherTech system offers patented welded floors as well as inverted seams that will keep you dry no matter the weather. The 6 foot 8-inch center height of this tent will allow even taller people to stand up comfortably inside.


  • the large tent will let you enjoy your camping experience even in bad weather
  • screen room to provide indoor/outdoor space
  • good ventilation even in bad weather due to the screen room and awning


  • at just under $300 this is an expensive 6 person tent
  • bulkier and heavier than the competition

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Fun Camping Activities


Camping is all about connecting with nature and spending time with your loved ones. Believe it or not, there are so many activities you can do while on a camping trip. Sure, it might not be the same as going to an amusement park or a beach vacation, but it’s still just as enjoyable. Here are a few activities you can do while camping:


Hide And Go Seek


 Hide and seek is a classic game that people have played for many generations. It’s entertaining, and it doesn’t require any accessories other than the people playing the game. Playing hide and seek while you’re camping makes it really fun because of the atmosphere and the many hiding places. However, it is advisable not to go too far and endanger yourself by hiding in an unsafe place. Also, if you choose to play the game at night, do it with a flashlight. It makes the game more interesting and allows you to see where you’re going.


Tell Stories Around The Fire


 Telling stories is a way of connecting with your loved ones. With life being so busy, sometimes people don’t have enough time to talk. Although you may not want to talk about school work while you’re on a fun getaway, telling stories is a great way to converse without being too serious. Lots of people like to tell scary stories while they’re sitting around the campfire. But, if you’re too spooked to do that, you can tell funny riddles or stories of the past. Your family will be laughing and enjoying your time together.


Pop Fireworks


If the camping site that you’re on allows fireworks, this is a great way to spice up your camping trip. You’re out in nature, it’s dark outside, you can see the stars, and you’ll definitely be able to see the fireworks. Lots of people like to go camping during holidays like Independence Day and Memorial Day, so popping firecrackers is an appropriate activity. The kids will love it, and it’s an exciting way to make your trip memorable.


Make Dinner


Making dinner while on a camping trip seems like a standard activity. But some people forget how special it is. Nowadays, everyone cooks their meals and stoves or goes to a restaurant to eat. Not many people get to experience roasting their meal over a fire. Cooking the food this way brings everyone together and makes it more enjoyable.

Play Truth Or Dare

Truth or Dare is a hilarious game that most people enjoy. This is a great option for adult friends who are having a camping trip and want a way to make things more exciting. Plus, being in a camping environment makes truth or dare more intriguing because there are extra things that you can dare people to do. Just make sure everyone is safe and doesn’t dare anyone to do anything that causes them harm. There’s still a way to play the game in a way that’s fun and entertaining, yet doesn’t hurt anyone.

Which should you buy?

If you want to feel confident that you will get to enjoy your camping experience no matter the weather, consider the Coleman 6-Person WeatherMaster Tent. This roomy tent with a screen room will allow you to relax with your friends and enjoy being outdoors even if the weather is bad or there are bugs. You can sit in the screen room and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings that you have sought out even if it is rainy or the bugs are buzzing around outside.

Since the floor of the screen room is natural, you can enjoy outdoor activities within this pleasant indoor/outdoor space. The ceiling of the inside is high enough and the area spacious enough that you and your friends or family will have room to sleep and stand comfortably in this cabin like tent.


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