Top 10 Garden Sculptures for 2022

best garden sculpture

Hey, did you know that gardening sculptures are decorative fixtures that you can place in your outdoor garden area. These botanical ornaments are also used on lawns and in parks. They can help to improve the scenery and to add depth to a landscape.

Garden sculptures can even transform your personal surroundings into a private greenery into something very special. You might not know the best way to set up your garden sculpture, but don’t worry about that problem. I can definitely provide you with some useful advice on this matter.

The truth is that there are many options for your outdoor garden area. You can decide to purchase high-end sculpture pieces, or you can opt to buy more functional garden figurines or shapes. There are a wide variety of shapes, designs, and functions for sculptured parts.

Another thing that you should consider is the material that you want to display within your garden area. Some sculpted pieces are made of plaster while others are hewn out of rock. There are even some garden fixtures that are constructed from recycled materials.

Make sure your sculpture choices are durable enough to last for a few years. Your pieces should be able to stand up against the elements. Whatever you settle on, it should blend in with your environment and be something you’re are proud of displaying.

10. Eastwind Gifts 10016953 Curious Rabbit

Curious Rabbit Garden Statue 4.75x5x9.25
  • This statue weighs 1.0 lbs and measures 4.75x5x9.25"
  • Made of durable polyresin and stone powder to create a beautifully detailed sculpture
  • A sweet addition to your front or backyard garden, this statue will make your outdoor space feel instantly more...

Rabbits are fun and magical little creatures that people only catch glimpses of if they’re lucky. This is one of the reasons why they make such great garden sculptures. The Curious Rabbit by Eastwind Gifts is a tan and white colored bunny that is made of a stone and polyresin material.

This particular garden statue is 2-feet, 3-inches high. It has a weight of 1.4 pounds. Eastwind has also added superb detailing to this artificial creature which includes a furry like appearance. The Curious Rabbit is durable enough to remain in your garden all year around. This is one piece that animal lovers should add to their garden area.


• A very appealing decorative piece.

• Can easily be placed in a yard.

• The unit can also be relocated to various positions within a yard space.


• This unit will have to be placed in fairly opens space to be noticed.

• This piece will not stay stationary in high winds.


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9. Small Side 2 Side Rock Cairn Sculpture Garden Decoration

Small Side 2 Side Rock Cairn Sculpture Garden Decoration Zen Garden Pile Stone
  • Dimensions (approximate): 11"H (1pc)
  • Our handpicked stones are from the shores of Java Island that together create natural beauty impossible to replicate.
  • Smooth hand-selected stones are drilled and secured on a hidden center steel rod.

The Small 2 Side Rock Cairn Sculpture Garden Decoration is a unique garden sculpture. It has a unique design that balances alternating circular rocks with rectangular rocks. The circular rocks resemble ball-shaped stones that are carefully positioned to uphold the rectangular pieces in place.

This type of sculpture provides a very abstract appearance to your garden area. It will immediately intrigue onlookers and make them wonder how the unit is able to remain in place. The unit stands close to 12-inches tall and weighs 7.65 pounds.

The style of the Cairn Sculpture is from Indonesia. It has a unique foreign look and design. This is one type of garden piece that is sophisticated enough for highly stylized decorative garden areas. Your guests will find it to be thought-provoking and a conversational piece.


• Unique looking garden sculpture

• It is a sturdy garden structure

• This Cairn Sculpture can withstand the elements


• This garden piece is more for high end or uniquely designed garden areas

• The unit might be strange looking for some people’s tastes

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8. VERDUGO GIFT Mother Hen & Chicks

VERDUGO GIFT 31170 Mother Hen & Chicks Country Garden Sculpture Set
  • Hen 11 1/4" x 3 3/4" x 14 1/2" high
  • Chick 5" x 3" x 4 3/4" high
  • Material(s): metal

The Verdugo Gift Mother Hen & Chicks sculpture set brings country living right in your garden area. One thing that I like about this artistic garden piece is its unique country charm. To see miniaturized mother hens interacting with her chicks is something special.

If you’re a nature lover, like me; chances are you’re going to love this hen and chick set. It is carved from stone and is very durable. Each stone carved figurine has a unique pose. The mother hen and her chicks are busy interacting with one another.

The mother hen piece stands about 1 – feet tall and the chicks are about 5 – inches in height. The sculpted creatures are very well crafted. The detail is amazing on each piece. This is a must-have for any gardener that likes animals and good nature themes for their private plots.


• A very decorative sculpted garden set.

• The pieces can easily be arranged for different looks.

• The set is durable enough for prolonged outdoor use.


• This set might not be sophisticated enough for high-end garden areas.

• The sculpture set is not painted or finished.

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7. Ancient Graffiti Large 7-Stone Natural River Stone Cairn

The Ancient Graffiti Large 7-Stone Natural River Stone Cairn is another highly original piece. You might not believe this but the Graffiti Large 7-Stone Natural River Sone Cairn is all about balancing rocks. These specially hewn rocks were drawn from a river and used to make the sculpture.

The rocks on the sculpture are arranged from largest to smallest and they are delicately balanced on a circular stone. The sculpture has a height of 10 – inches and weighs 5.4 pounds. This particular stone unit has the same appeal as Cairn’s balancing rock piece.

The unit is intriguing and yet it is very simplistic. It provides great balance and can be naturally blended into your landscape. This stone piece also contains other materials such as wood, iron and clay. You should seriously add this to your garden to make it stand out from your neighbor’s surroundings.


• Unique design

• Sturdy materials

• A good piece for private or public garden areas


• Some people might not like the balancing act that the sculpture provides

• The piece is sturdy, but some people or animals might be tempted to knock it over to unbalance the rocks

6. The Spirit of Nottingham Woods

Design Toscano DB33001 The Spirit of Nottingham Greenman Indoor/Outdoor Fantasy Wall Sculpture, 8 Inches Wide, 3 Inches Deep, 15 Inches High, Wood Tone Finish
  • ADD LIFE TO YOUR GARDEN - If your yard ornaments include bigfoot, a gargoyle, a few funny gnomes and a fairy or two,...
  • OUTDOOR TREE DECORATIONS - Surprise people in the neighborhood young and old by hanging up our outdoor tree faces who's...
  • HIGH-QUALITY - Hand-cast using pliable composite polyresin which molds around your forest tree or garden fence, our...

I’m going to warn you ahead of time that the Spirit of Nottingham Woods garden sculpture is not for the faint of heart. This sculpture piece will enhance your garden area. However, it will give it an otherworldly appeal. The piece resembles something out of a fantastical movie.

The Spirit of Nottingham Woods fixture is designed for trees. It is an image of a carved wooden face that is made of crushed stone and held together with resin. This unit is thick and sturdy. You should keep in mind that each face is designed for a different look.

The faces designed for The Spirit of Nottingham Woods are inspired by German folklore. They are crafted to reflect the culture from this part of the world. The company has artisans that hand craft each expression and look. If you’re into fantasy and other worldly creatures; these sculptures are for you.


• Extremely unique garden sculptures

• Very durable and can hold up against the elements

• They resemble real life wooden pieces and can blend in with the environment


• These faces will not fit into most garden scheme

• The tree faces can be scary or frightful for some people

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5. Cat and Butterfly Curiosity Garden Statue

Are you a pet lover? Many people love pets. One type of pet that is a family favorite are cats. These creatures off companionship, entertainment and loyalty. They can also be used as decorative models for your garden area.

If you’re into cats, like I am, then you might want to add the Cat and Butterfly Curiosity Garden Statue to your outdoor plot. This uniquely designed statue resembles a stone hewn cat playfully interacting with a colorful butterfly that has landed on its nose.

The Cat and Butterfly Curiosity Garden Statue stands 1.7 – feet tall and it weighs 3.1 pounds. This cat statue is not made of rock but sturdy aluminum. It can withstand the elements and it will make a great addition to most garden areas.


• This is a versatile decoration that will fit in most gardens

• The unit is light enough to relocate throughout a plot for dramatic effect

• It is a very engaging statue that looks playful and fun


• The unit might not work in every garden environment

• The design and theme might be too remedial for some people’s taste

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4. Top Collection Miniature Fairy Garden

Top Collection Miniature Fairy Garden and Terrarium Statue, Rabbits Rowing Leaf Boat
  • A thoughtful gift perfect for home and garden
  • This product measures h: 2" l: 3.25"
  • Cast in quality designer resin

Okay, if you are into figurines and you like showing off detailed miniaturized environments inside of your garden area. Then this is the sculpture for you. The Top Collection Miniature Fairy Garden and Terrarium Statue is more than just a garden set, it is an adventure.

The set is primarily made up of miniaturized 2 – inch rabbits and frogs but it does contain some fairies, mermaids, turtles and dragons. This set has about 30 – pieces that can be arranged in a variety of scenes. Each piece is made out of a durable resin material that fits well into an outdoor environment.


• Owners can arrange their sets in hundreds of different ways

• The figurines are colorful and very expressive

• The pieces can hold up to weather and wear and tear


• This set is not designed for most garden areas

• Some people might find this style of garden sculpture too childish or cartoonish for their taste

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3. Attraction Design Antiqued Metal Garden Angel

Antiqued Metal Garden Angel Statue with Heart, Indoor Outdoor Angel Yard Art Decor Lawn Patio Decorations Holiday Decor Garden Present Idea, 32"H
  • ANGEL GARDEN STATUE: Greet your friends and neighbors with this vintage garden angel statue in your garden, flower bed,...
  • METAL GARDEN ANGEL: The garden angel art sculpture is made of metal hand-painted in rustic vintage style, fit for both...
  • DIMENSIONS: The antiqued lawn and garden metal art measures 32in in height with a circular base 8in in diameter.

If you want a garden piece that will make people look on in awe, then you should consider the Attraction Design Antiqued Metal Garden Angel. This garden piece is made out of metal and has a hand-painted and designed appearance. The angel is very durable against the elements.

The unit does not have a finished color and its stone-like appearance seems to be the perfect compliment into many garden areas. The unit stands 2 – feet and 8 – inches tall. It has wings and stands on thin spikes. The Metal Garden Angel figurine is holding a heart shaped basket in its hand.

You will like this piece because it is tall enough to resemble a watchful figure in your garden area. It is very sturdy once it has been planted into the ground. You should also like its expressive appearance and good-natured smile. This is one piece many gardeners should have placed in their garden areas.


• A great sculpted piece for most garden areas

• Sturdy and can be easily relocated to your property

• Has the ability to blend in with most decorative styles


• The unit might not fit some garden design schemes

• Some people might not like the spikes which support the unit on the ground

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2. Solar Wind Spinner Multi-Color Seasonal LED

Solar Wind Spinner Willow Leaves-Improved 360 Degrees Swivel Multi-Color LED Lighting Solar Powered Glass Ball with Kinetic Wind Spinner-Metal Sculpture Construction-Outdoor Yard Lawn & Garden
  • Captivating Garden Artistry - Elevate your garden's allure with our dynamic Steady Doggie garden spinner, captivating...
  • Enchanting Nights with Solar-powered LED - Experience our kinetic pinwheels as they come alive with solar-powered LED...
  • Built to Withstand the Elements - Crafted with durable metal and sealed bearings, our yard windmills are designed to...

The Solar Wind Spinner Multi-Color Seasonal LED is a uniquely designed garden fixture. It looks a cross between a complex windmill and a wind spinner. The special thing about this garden fixture is that it lights up when the wind blows.

During the daytime, it can add a decorative appeal that is decorative and functional. At night, this unit will brighten up your garden area and turn it into a colorful display of light. Now, imagine having multiple Solar Wind Spinners included in your plot. Your garden will really sparkle.

The unit is 2.3 – feet tall. It has to be assembled and has a dual blade for kinetic motion. The LED lights are included. The unit is not hard to assemble as long as a person follows instructions. This should make a great addition to any garden area.


• This is a great unit for providing light in a garden

• The piece is decorative

• The unit gives gardens a modern or futuristic appeal


• Some people might not want to assemble this unit

• Not everyone might like the unique design of the unit’s blades

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1. Deer Doe and Fawn Lying

I like seeing deer in nature and I’m not the only person that gets a kick out of these amazing animals. Many people like deer and one way that you can have them in your yard are with the Deer Doe and Fawn Lying statue. This is a unique garden piece that resembles nature to its fullest.

The statue portrays a mother deer lying on the ground with her doe. The doe is nestled between the mother’s deer legs and they are both sharing a kiss. This is a great piece for nature and animal lovers. The unit is 1.2 – feet high and it is 1.5 – feet long. The deer and doe are both painted pieces.

The deer and doe set is made out of a durable resin material that will stand up to the elements. This deer and doe unit makes a great addition to many garden areas. It is colorful, entertaining and shows a great picture of nature. Also, the deer and doe statue is just an attractive piece.


• This unit is great for most gardens as an enhancer piece

• The unit is very colorful

• It is small enough to be placed into different areas of a garden plot


• Some people might not like the theme of the deer and doe snuggling

• This decorative piece might be suited for fun or playful garden areas

Which Sculture is the right fit for you?

Well, as you can see all of these garden sculptures are unique pieces. I personally would recommend the Small Side 2 Side Rock Cairn Sculpture and the Multi-Color Solar Wind Spinner. These two garden ornaments are perfectly suited for unique outdoor environments.

However, you will have to choose your own. Remember, that you should select a gardening sculpture style that reflects your taste in an outdoor garden display. Ultimately, at least one of these top 10 garden sculptures are guaranteed to fit your gardening area.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out these great gardening sculptures for yourself to determine which one you would want to have for your garden right now.

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