Top 10 Cutting Boards Reviewed in 2022

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Chopping is an important aspect of food preparation, and no matter what kind of cooking you’re doing at home, there is a good chance you will find a cutting board necessary. You need the top cutting board that will serve you for many years. It is important to have the right cutting boards available to meet your food preparation needs, as the wrong cutting boards can dull your knives or put you at risk of foodborne illnesses. Cutting boards come in a range of materials, designs, and prices, all of which have their advantages and disadvantages.

Stay away from glass cutting boards, as they will not break down but will rapidly dull your knives. In order for a cutting board to work effectively, it must to some degree be cut by the chopping action of your knife, so take into account when you are choosing a cutting board that you will either need to replace or maintain it, just as you do your knives. The softer and more porous your cutting board, the longer your knife will stay sharp.

Porous cutting boards, on the other hand, will soak up liquids, making them dangerous for preparing raw meats, as you may not be able to get all of the bacteria out of the board. For this reason, you should choose a plastic board for meats, and always use the same board for the same sorts of meats to prevent cross-contamination between meats and produce or between meats that are cooked at different temperatures.

A good compromise between the sturdy, attractive, and knife-easy nature of wood boards and the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of plastic boards, is to have a wooden board for produce preparation and for display and plastic boards for preparing meats.

Whatever board you choose, make sure that you have sufficient boards for cutting your produce and each of your meat separately, and make sure that you replace cutting boards as they degrade.

10. Plastic Cutting Boards Set of 3, Dishwasher Safe 

These straightforward and affordable cutting boards will have you chopping everything you need to chop in no time. These three plastic cutting boards come in different sizes for your prepping needs.

The plastic material is BPA-free and FDA approved so that you can feel confident that it will stand up to your chopping while remaining antibacterial and antimicrobial. These easy to clean cutting boards won’t damage your knives and they won’t scratch or degrade quickly.


  • gripping surface makes cuts while preparing food less likely
  • the groove around the edge of the board to prevent juices from running off onto your countertop
  • dishwasher safe for easy cleaning


  • plastic construction does not look very attractive
  • the set comes all in one color, not different colors for different sizes or meats

9. Plastic Cutting Board (3-Piece Set), Kitchen Chopping Board Set 

These attractive plastic cutting boards have a unique marble design so that they will look nice in your kitchen while still being clean and easy to use. The order comes with three cutting boards of different sizes for all of your food preparation needs.

The anti-skid design will prevent cuts and keep this cutting board from sliding around on your countertop, while the juice groove keeps the juice from getting onto your countertop. They PP plus TRP plastic material of this cutting board is FDA-approved and will wash clean even after cutting raw meat.


  • attractive marble design makes it look more high-quality than your typical plastic cutting board
  • anti-skid design
  • juice groove keeps juice on the board and not on your countertop


  • much more expensive than competing plastic cutting boards
  • some people find the marble design unattractive

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8. Venfon Large Organic Bamboo Cutting Board For Kitchen

Cutting Boards,Large Bamboo Chopping Board, Built-In 3 Compartments And Juice Grooves, Charcuterie Board for Kitchen Counter Meat (Butcher Block) Cheese, Vegetables,Bread (17 x 12.6")
  • ☀️【BUILT-IN 3 COMPARTMENTS】Built-in 3 separated compartments on one side of the cutting board, where to put the...
  • ☀️【HANDLE AND JUICE GROOVE DESIGN】The handles carved into the top side, makes it easy to take and carry, and...
  • ☀️【ENTIRELY NATURAL BAMBOO & KNIFE FRIENDLY】This large cutting board is made of entirely natural bamboo, and...

This large and attractive bamboo cutting board is naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial, as well as BPA free. This extra large cutting board will give you versatility in your food preparation, while the attractive bamboo makes this cutting board look great as a serving platform as well.

Built-in compartments allow you to store your chopped produce while you continue to chop without dirtying additional dishes, while juice grooves prevent juice from sliding off the board and onto your countertop. The gentle bamboo design of this board will not damage your knives even after extensive use.


  • beautiful bamboo board looks great as a serving platter as well as a cutting board
  • convenient built-in pockets for chopped things


  • cannot put in a dishwasher
  • bamboo will become shredded after extensive use

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7. OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board

OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board
  • 10 1/2 by 14 1/2 inch cutting board with black edges
  • Crafted from nonporous, odor resistant, durable polypropylene
  • Double sided design features juice groove and non slip edges

If you are looking for a straightforward and sturdy cutting board that will get the job done for years to come, look no further than this effective cutting board by OXO. The non-porous, odor resistant, and durable polypropylene will withstand years of use without dulling your knives.

This cutting board is double-sided for two cutting boards in one, or one side for meat and the other for produce. A juice groove will prevent juice from getting off of the board while non-slip edges prevent cuts. The handles are soft and tapered for comfortable lifting and carrying and feature black sides so that you will clearly see this cutting board even if you have white countertops.


  • odor resistant, nonporous, and durable
  • soft and tapered handles


  • only comes in one base color and two edge colors
  • the price tag is for the single board

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6. Extra Thick Flexible Plastic Cutting Board Mats With Food Icons

Extra Thick Flexible Cutting Mat Set With Food Icons & "EZ-Grip" Back (Set Of 4 Mats) - Flexible Cutting Boards for Kitchen - Flexible Plastic Cutting Board Set - Large Plastic Cutting Boards Kitchen
  • OUR FLEXIBLE CUTTING BOARD SET IS BUILT TO LAST - Don't just buy a thin, see-through sheet of plastic. Other chopping...
  • OUR MATS ARE THICK - 1MM! Our chop board mats are sturdy and durable while still maintaining their flexibility to curl...
  • NON-POROUS ODOR RESISTANT COATING - Naturally non­stick - The color-coded plastic cutting boards prevent unwanted...

These cutting mats are flexible and textured so that you can cut whatever you need to cut in your food preparation and transfer your chopped foods effortlessly into a pan or serving platter. These mats are built to last for the long-term, and will not warp in the dishwasher or slide around on your countertop.

1 mm thick mats feel sturdy under your knife and the non-porous and hygienic material is BPA free and prevents the growth of stains and odor causing bacterias. This kit comes with four cutting boards with fun different colors and pictures of the sort of food you should use them for, so you will have hygienic food preparation.


  • thick 1 mm mats are built to last
  • flexible for easy food transfer
  • textured so they will not slide around on your countertop


  • may not stand up to heavy cutting
  • you may still damage your countertop underneath these, so they are best to use over another cutting board that is thicker

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5. HOMWE Kitchen Cutting Board (3-Piece Set) | Juice Grooves 

HOMWE Cutting Boards for Kitchen BPA Free- Chopping Board 3-Pack w/Different Sizes and Non Slip Handles - Reversible, Large Cutting Board Set - Unique Gifts for Cooks Who Have Everything - Gray
  • COMPLETE SET - 3 distinct sizes for every kind of cooking! You'll get one large, one medium, and one small cutting board...
  • VERSATILE COOKING - Our plastic cutting board set is great for every kind of chopping. Use it for fruit, as a meat...
  • EASY TO CLEAN - The worst part of cooking? The cleanup. Don't make it harder – our plastic cutting boards are...

If you are looking for the most affordable and convenient cutting boards that can get your food preparation needs to be met, these may be the cutting boards for you. The thick and heavy-duty plastic is BPA free so that you can have a hypoallergenic food preparation surface. Three distinct board sizes for the price allow you to get all of your cutting needs met.  

These cutting boards come with a juice groove so that juice will stay on the board and not on your counter, and they have handles so that they are easy to store and clean. These boards are dishwasher safe and tough enough to stand up to heavy use for the long term.


  • very affordable price for durable cutting boards
  • handles make storing and cleaning easier
  • dishwasher safe


  • may develop cuts which will accumulate dirt in the long-term
  • do not come in fun colors

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4. Walnut Wood Cutting Board with Handle by Virginia Boys Kitchens

Made in USA Walnut Cutting Board by Virginia Boys Kitchens - Butcher Block made from Sustainable Hardwood (Handle - 4x20)
  • MADE IN VIRGINIA, USA - 100% sustainable walnut wood grown in America
  • PRESEASONED THE RIGHT WAY: Each board is pre-seasoned with a proprietary blend of pure fractionated coconut oil, giving...
  • KNIFE-FRIENDLY SURFACE: The porous, soft straight grains of walnut wood make it an cutting surface that won’t dull...

If your cutting board needs are as much about style as they are about function, this stylish and attractive walnut cutting board may be perfect for you. The rich chocolate color of this board looks gorgeous in your home whether it is being used to cut, serve, or is hanging on your wall in storage.

Whether you are using it for everyday use or bring it to a wedding or special event, this classic cutting board can stand up to any occasion. If you value your knives and don’t want to have to sharpen them constantly, this cutting board may be attractive to you due to the porous and soft straight grain of walnut which will not dull your knives.


  • beautiful and able to stand up to any occasion
  • narrow design and the hole in the handle make hanging storage easy
  • soft porous wood will be easy on your knives


  • should not be used with raw meats due to porous nature
  • requires occasional sanding and oiling to look its best

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3. Large Walnut Wood Cutting Board by Virginia Boys Kitchens – 17×11 

Made in USA Black Walnut Wood Cutting Board by Virginia Boys Kitchens - Butcher Block Wooden Carving Board with Juice Well made from Sustainable Hardwood (17x11)
  • MADE IN VIRGINIA, USA - 100% sustainable walnut wood grown in America
  • SAY NO TO TOXIC IMPORTS: Our Wooden Cutting Boards are Pure, Natural, and Safe: Made from high-quality American wood and...
  • KNIFE-FRIENDLY SURFACE: The porous, soft straight grains of walnut wood make it an cutting surface that won’t dull...

This gorgeous cutting board will make you feel like every food preparation is an important event. The rich chocolate hue of the seasoned board will look gorgeous no matter what occasion you use it for. Walnut wood is porous and soft so that it is gentle on your knives and will not dull them even after much cutting.

These boards come unseasoned, so you can choose the oil or finishing that you like so that you have complete control over what is in your food. These boards will last years and look good the whole time if they are well-maintained, as the sturdy walnut wood is kiln-dried and smoothed for durability.


  • beautiful rich colored wood
  • large sturdy board for extensive food preparation
  • soft and porous walnut wood will be gentle on your knives


  • porous wood is not appropriate for raw meats
  • very heavy and may be difficult for some people to move around the kitchen or transfer food off of
  • requires maintenance to last and look good

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2. GORILLA GRIP Original Reversible Cutting Board (3-Piece), BPA Free

The Original Gorilla Grip Oversized 100% BPA Free Reversible Durable Kitchen Cutting Board Set of 3, Juice Grooves, Dishwasher Safe, Easy Grip Handle Border, Food Chopping Boards, Cooking, Black
  • ULTRA DURABLE AND BUILT TO LAST: unlike wood or bamboo, these thick, nonporous boards are incredibly durable; won’t...
  • STAYS IN PLACE DURING PREP: make food prep easier than ever with the most durable cutting board; its slip resistant...
  • LARGER AND THICKER THAN OTHERS: 3 generously sized boards are extra thick; largest board measures 16 by 11.2 inches;...

These professional-grade cutting boards give you incredible quality at a very reasonable price. They are strong and durable and will stay in place on your counter while you chop. Deep grooves catch all the juices so your countertop remains clean.

These cutting boards are BPA free and have a non-porous surface so you can use them with whatever you need to cut. They are dishwasher safe for your convenience. You can choose to have all three boards in one of four color choices or choose to have a different color for each board.


  • professional-grade cutting boards at a reasonable price
  • extra deep grooves for juice catching
  • non-porous surface good for anything you need to chop


  • may become cut up over the years with extensive use
  • color choices won’t be attractive to all people

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1. Personalized by Name Cutting Board for Kitchen – Wood Board

If you want a cutting board that is customized for your family or for someone to whom you would like to give a gift, this customized cutting board may be perfect for you. You can choose the words and decoration that you want on the board, and have it shipped within 24 hours.

The laser engraving feels high quality to your hand and looks good on this charming bamboo board. This board will make every cheese platter feel special as you serve on your customized design, but the bamboo cutting board is also functional as the other side is designed for food preparation.


  • customized to your specifications
  • one side is customized and attractive for display, and the other is designed for food preparation


  • porous material means this will not be appropriate for raw meats
  • expensive for a bamboo cutting board


Veggie Cutting Styles


Cutting boards are essential for prepping your meal before cooking. However, it doesn’t do a lot of good to have a cutting board for your veggies and not know what to do. If your vegetables are sliced unevenly or some chunks are bigger than others, it can change the texture of your meal. Here are a few cutting styles to help you in the kitchen:



Slicing is one of the most common ways to cut meat and vegetables. But the good news is, you can slice any way you desire. If you want to make thin slices or wide slices, it’s all up to you. The main objective is to separate the food so that you can properly cook it. Slicing is good for cucumbers before adding them to a salad or squash prior to sauteeing them in the skillet. You can even slice meat. So, if you want to make thin cuts of beef for a sandwich or chicken for pasta, this is the way to go.



Julienne is a style of cutting that you might see more at restaurants, but you can also do it at home. Creating julienne cut vegetables gives them a long square shape. For instance, if you want to cut veggies and put them into homemade sushi, you would do them julienne style, or if you like carrots on the side of your hot wings, could also cut them julienne style.



Mincing is a very small style of cutting your veggies. It’s not the typical cutting method for everyday meals like sauteed onions and mushrooms, but for dishes where you don’t want a particular taste to overpower the food. For example, if you put celery in your chicken salad, you’d most likely mince them in order not to have huge chunks throughout the dish. That’s true for any food that you don’t want a certain ingredient to stand out too much.




Brunoise is basically dicing your vegetables up finely. It’s not as small as mincing, but it’s similar to the style of vegetable you’d want in spaghetti. Let’s say you want diced bell peppers in the sauce; you’d do a Brunoise-style cut on them. The same goes for tomatoes because they go well on salad or tacos.




The symphony is another style that you’ll probably see in restaurants rather than in home-cooked meals. When you order a salad, the carrots will likely be chiffonade. Furthermore, this style of cutting is suitable for vegetables that will be cooked and not eaten raw. Homemade hash browns require shredded potatoes in order to get that nice consistency and crispy texture that hash browns have. You can also shred the vegetables that you want to eat in a different manner. So if you wish to eat regular broccoli florets, you can shred them and make broccoli rice and serve it under stewed meat or soup.



This last method is cutting into large dices. If you want to have mango, you’d cut it in big chunks and eat it by itself or make a fruit salad—the same goes for soup. If you’re making soup, you’ll likely want the vegetables to stand out; therefore, you would dice them into large pieces. Carrots and potatoes are great for cutting macedoine style.


Which should you buy?


If you want a cutting board that will look perfect in your kitchen with customized design and will make serving cheese and meat platters feel like a special event, but you also want a high-quality cutting surface that won’t damage your knives, look no further than the Personalized by Name Cutting Board for Kitchen – Wood Boards Housewarming & Wedding Gift.

These cutting boards are customized to your specifications with both words and design, and they are made for food preparation as well as display. This board will look great while you prepare food, serve it, and will also look nice leaning against your kitchen backdrop or on a shelf, displaying your personalized engravings.

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