Top 10 Best Household Window Fans Reviewed in 2022

Do you struggle with keeping cool when the weather gets hot? Perhaps, you’re so warm-blooded, you even like a frosty breeze blowing over you during the winter months. You want to have the Best Household Window Fan when you need it.


Whichever the case may be, having a household window fan can be the answer to your humid prayers. You see, window fans work differently than a ceiling fan because they draw air in from the outside. This technology creates cooler air to enter your home.


These types of fans may not be a match for air conditioning but they certainly are better than a regular stand-alone fan. So, which one do you choose?


Well, that’s a good question that we’d like to answer for you. We created this list of the top 10 best window fans that Amazon has to offer so you don’t have to do any of the legwork.


You’ll see brands like Bionaire, Holmes, and many others.

Are you ready to find the breeziest window fan this side of the Mississippi? Great! Let’s get started.

10. Bionaire Thin Window Fan


It comes in 4 different color combinations and settings.


Enjoy the 3 independently controlled comfort settings as well as the adjustable thermostat and manually reversible airflow.


The window fan is designed to be used either horizontally or vertically. The firm fit locking extender screen makes closing gaps easy.



  • The fan comes with a reversible airflow mechanism
  • The thermostat conveniently remembers the previous temperature setting, even after the unit has been turned off
  • 5-year limited warranty


  • A reviewer claims the fan needs to be oiled or it will seize
  • A few reviewers claim the fan stops working after a short time period

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9. Holmes Dual Blade Fan


This simple little window fan sure knows how to cool down a room! You’ll love its breezy dual blade operation. Comes with a one-touch thermostat.


Designed for convenience, you’ll love the independent electronically reversible motors that allow for air intake, exhaust, or air exchange.


Enjoy the two-speed settings so you can have control over how cool your area is.



  • Designed to fit most double hung and slider windows
  • Equipped with an extender that permits a custom fit
  • Can be purchased with 3 or 2-speed settings, this model is for 2


  • Side extenders will only work with standard size windows
  • Some reviewers complained of the top latch design

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8.  Holmes Window Fan


Here we have another fine dual blade window fan by Holmes. The difference between this model and the last is that this unit does not come with a one-touch thermostat mechanism.


Here is what the manufacturer has to say about this unit, “Two speed-settings and manual-reverse air flow control. Coverage is up to 500 square feet. This window fan has been designed to fit double-hung windows with minimum openings of 22 inches (55 cm) wide and 10 inches (25 cm) high. For windows over 33.25 inches, additional panels will be needed”.


You’ll be pleased to know that this window fan is equipped with water-resistant motors so your fan will stay in good working order even when the thunderstorms hit.



  • Designed to fit most double-hung and slider windows
  • Comes with an adjustable extender screen and extender panel
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Equipped with twin 6-inch blades


  • Fan tends to run rather loudly
  • The Unit is not equipped with directional vents

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7. Bionaire Thin Window Fan


Bionaire is a great company with awesome products. Like the previously mentioned window fan, above, this model works in much the same way. However, it is a different color combo and comes with a digital thermostat instead of a manual.


There are 3 independently controlled comfort settings, 3-speed settings, digital LED control panel.


Check out what the manufacturer had to say about this unit, “Total extendable width is 93.2 cm, includes built-in extender (17 cm), 2 pcs of slider safe extender panels (6 cm each), and window fan (65 cm). The slider safe extender panel can extend the width of the fan to 17-22 cm”.



  • Designed to fit double-hung windows
  • Patented locking extender screens
  • Equipped with reversible air flow


  • The Fan must be flipped around in order to reverse the fans, no switch
  • A user claims the fan is squeaky

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6. Lasko Reversible Fan


This fan powerfully pulls hot air from your house and thrusts it outside.


Expandable side panels–fits windows 26.5″ to 34.5″ wide and 22″ high and larger.



  • Equipped with 3 intake and 3 exhaust speeds
  • Gives off high-performance air movement
  • Provides powerful whole-house ventilation


  • Some reports of the motor burning out prematurely
  • Some users claim the fan is wobbly due to being made from plastic

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5. Air King Whole House Fan


If you’re looking for a whole house cool-down, the Air King is just what you need.


This amazing fan comes with 3-speeds, 1/6 HP, 120V, 1 phase, and is permanently lubricated. The front mounted rotary switch and RPM is 1600/1450/1100. These are high, medium, and low settings.


This fan is built to last and withstand the tests of time.



  • OSHA approved
  • Fits most standard window openings
  • Front mounted on/off switch
  • Impact resistant plastic housing
  • Powder coated steel front grill and blade


  • Quite expensive
  • Reports of the welded motor mounts breaking but Air Replaced them, promptly

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4. Air King 9155 Storm Guard


Air King does it again with another stellar product. This 3-speed, 1-phase, permanently lubricated, permanent split capacitor motor fan is just what you need to keep your space cool.


You’ll appreciate the high-impact construction of this fan and styrene housing, ABS plastic blade, and metal front grill.


Enjoy the 3 Speed front mounted rotary switch and White, 7-foot, 3-conductor, SJT type power cord.



  • ETL and OSHA compliant; Tested in accordance with AMCA standard 230.99
  • Perfect for all rooms both large and small
  • Can be set to high, medium, and low speeds


  • Some users claim that the fan is noisy

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3. Optimus Window Fan


You’ll enjoy the 3-speed, rain resistant motor that efficiently delivers you with cool air flow.


You can automatically control the thermostat, so that is a convenient feature that many folks appreciate.


The LED temperature control panel is easy to read and always lets you know the right temperature of the fan.



  • Pulls cool air in or the exhaust feature pushes stale air out
  • Built-in adjustable slide screen with lock
  • Equipped with a safety grill to protect fingers


  • Some reviewers claim the quality of the fan isn’t as great as other models
  • One user claims the fan isn’t very powerful

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2. HowPlumb Reversible Fan


This amazing little window fan comes with a handy remote control for easy settings adjustments.



This fan allows you to keep pests out of your home with the attachable fabric cover that snaps on to the front of the fan when not in use. It’ll also keep hot and humid air outside where it belongs.



  • Features cool, exhaust, and circulating functions
  • ETL listed
  • Includes removable snap-on feet to put the fan on the floor or table


  • Some users have has issues with the expansion sliders breaking
  • Reports of the back screens ripping…company replaced them

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1. Nature’s Cooling Solutions Fan


Nature’s Cooling Solutions Eco Breeze Smart Window Fan is really something special. The fan itself comes with intelligent controls so you can experience cool days all summer long without ever having to open and close windows.


Check out what the manufacturer has to say about this unit, “Set Eco Breeze thermostat below your AC thermostat to cool with crisp outdoor air and to exhaust hot stale indoor air. Set AC thermostat higher to save energy and dollars to only cool during the hot humid weather Cooling unit designed to maximize your comfort with fresh outside air cooling”.


This fan is very easy to install.



  • Improve the quality of indoor air using ventilation
  • Comes with an exhaust fan mechanism
  • Uniquely automates the use of outside air for home cooling


  • Does not filter outside air

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The Benefits Of Owning A Window Fan

A fan makes everything feel better on a hot day. Luckily, there are tons of products available to help your family keep cool. Here are a few benefits of having a window fan.

Saves Money

When it’s hot outside you’ll probably run it all day long, which can drastically increase your electric bill. Not to mention, the summer lasts for a few months, and that means several months of expensive bills. Thankfully, there are less expensive alternatives like window fans to help keep the temperature cool.

Perfect For Any Weather

The summer isn’t the only time when a cool breeze is needed. There are always those in-between temperatures that fluctuate and are a bit confusing. During those times, it’s nice to have an alternative option that doesn’t require turning on an air conditioner. In the spring, temperatures can get pretty high, but not hot enough for central air. The same goes for the fall beginning of fall. Depending on where you live, the climate might fluctuate between hot and cold. This is the perfect opportunity to use a window fan.

Great For Sunshine

When it’s hot outside, most people have the tendency to curl up in the house with the blinds cloths. However, since window fans sit in the window, this creates the perfect opportunity to let a little sunshine in. When it’s hot outside, you might not want to go outdoor, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the nice weather. So, don’t be scared to open the blinds while you get a cool breeze.

Provides Airflow

Sometimes your home can get a little stuffy, but all it needs is a little ventilation. There’s no need to turn on the air conditioning just clear the mugginess out of the room. Just turn on the window fan, and it’ll do the trick.

Home With No Central Air Conditioning

If you live in a home with no central air conditioning, window fans are the perfect alternative. Most housing has automatic air, but there are still some that might not. Many years ago, window fans were the norm before central air conditioning became popular. Just because technology has advanced, that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of old methods if need be.

When The Air Goes Out

A busted air conditioner is a disaster. Unfortunately, it usually takes a technician a few days to fix it. This is the perfect alternative when your air goes out and you need to stay cool.

Which Window Fan Worked Best for Me…


We hope you were able to find the household window fan you’ve been searching for, on our top 10 list. Shopping for a great window fan isn’t easy because you have so many choices to pick through.


However, our list helps you narrow down some great options. For example, if you are into your home being supremely cool and you like big window fans you may want to consider the Air King Whole House Fan. This fan is large and in charge!


We also really like the Bionaire Thin Window Fan because it is simple to use, works well, and the reviews are raving.

With all the window fans we listed we had to choose one for our top spot. We decided to with Nature’s Cooling Solutions Fan.


This fan is simple to use, easy to instal, and is designed to use 92% less energy than other fans.


Which household window fan will you choose?