Top 10 Best Cat Litter Products Reviewed in 2022

All cat owners know that that smell is…the dreaded kitty litter box. I wanted to find the best cat litter product.  If you don’t consistently maintain your cat’s litter box your nostrils are going to be in for quite a nightmare.


However, if you don’t use the right cat litter it really doesn’t matter how well you keep up with your cat’s business box, it’s still going to stink.


The key is choosing the right cat littler product. If you have more than one cat you’ll need a litter for multiple uses, and so on. There are even kitty litters that are made from different materials such as clay and wood chips.


You may be scratching your head as to which kitty litter product you should personally choose. We get it! There are loads of products on the market. So, we did the dirty work (pardon the pun) for you and sifted (again, pardon the pun) through a plethora of cat litter products on Amazon.


In this list of the top 10 best cat litter products, we’ve chosen the latest and greatest in kitty litter technology. You’ll see big brands like Fresh Step and Arm & Hammer amongst many others.


We know you want the best for your meowing little friend. Trust us when we say that your cat wants the best for himself, too. When his litter box isn’t up to the kitty code he will let you know by leaving you little “gifts” around the house.


We all want to avoid that, right? Right!

So, without further ado, let’s get to the list of the best cat litter products that Amazon has to offer.

10. Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat Clump

For decades, Arm & Hammer has offered products that keep our homes fresh and clean. That’s why we are truly excited that this company offers a cat litter line. What better substance to combat foul odors than baking soda?

This awesome cat litter is a 100% dust-free platinum formula. That means neither you or your cat will inhale a lung full of kitty litter.

The company boasts a 7-day odor-free home, guaranteed. This means you can wait a whole week before having to switch out the cat litter for fresh.

Rest assured that the patented formula seals and destroys odors on contact. The design of the product turns waste into rock-hard clumps for easy removal in between litter changes.

This product is perfect for multi-cat homes.


  • Patented formula
  • 100% dust-free
  • Powerful enough for multi-cat homes


  • One user claims that the product did, in fact, produce a dust cloud
  • Another buyer said that the litter itself smelled “offensive”

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9. Dr. Elsey’s Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litte

This hypo-allergenic cat litter is perfect for your sensitive cat as it contains no plant proteins. In addition, you won’t find any fragrance or deodorants in the mix, either.

The all-natural clumping kitty-litter keeps your home smelling fresh and clean, even when multiple cats are using the litter box.

One of the greatest things about Dr. Elsey’s formula is that it prevents moisture from reaching the bottom of the litter box. This cuts down on mess and odor.

The granules in the litter are heavy and non-tracking.


  • Ideal for sifting/mechanical litter boxes
  • Great for multiple cat use
  • Prevents moisture from reaching the bottom of the litter tray


  • One reviewer claims that the kitty litter is “slightly dusty”

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8. World’s Best Cat Litter

World’s best cat litter is named appropriately because it truly is one of the best kitty litters in the world.

This amazing product has outstanding odor control capabilities. You won’t even know your cat has a littler box when you use this formula.

The product quickly clumps when it comes in contact with urine and feces and allows you to easily scoop it out when cleaning the litter tray.

Another wonderful aspect about this cat litter is that it is flushable! Yep, you can dump it down the toilet and your septic system remains perfectly safe.

Enjoy this 99% dust-free cat litter as it won’t produce a cloud of dust when you are emptying it into the cat box.


  • Pet, human, and planet friendly formula
  • 1 bag lasts 1 cat 120+ days
  • Lightweight formula


  • Expensive
  • One user claims that the cat litter attracts moths and bugs

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7. Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Cat Litter

Purina is a household pet name in many homes. A lot of people associate this brand with dogs but Purina makes quite a few cat products, too. In fact, the company has created a wonderful clumping litter for your little four-legged friend.

This kitty litter has been enhanced with TidyLock Protection which stows away strong ammonia, urine, and fecal matter smells.

The litter is made to absorb moisture so your cat will always be comfortable when he uses his box.


  • Forms strong, tight clumps for easy cleanup and scooping
  • 24/7 odor control
  • Very little dust


  • One buyer claims that the kitty litter does indeed clump but into “nasty mud balls”
  • Another user said that the litter doesn’t clump very well at all

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6. Fresh Step Multi-Cat with Febreze Freshness

Fresh Step provides your cat with a wonderful place to do his business. This amazing multi-cat clumping litter fights odors like a champ!

The partnership of fresh step litter with Febreze keeps your litter box smelling fresh, all day long. This cat litter has been specially formulated for multi-cat use and has a 10-day odor control guarantee. There is activated charcoal in the formula which is known to absorb odors on contact.

Check out what the manufacturer has to say about this litter, “For cleaner surfaces and clearer air, we developed a low dust formula with paw activated fragrance that’s released every time your cats use the litter box in four compact, convenient, resealable packs that make litter easy to carry, pour and store”.


  • Scoopable kitty litter that is easy to dispose of and will not leave behind any smelly crumbles
  • Created with your cat’s health and happiness in mind
  • 10-day odor control guarantee


  • One reviewer says that the litter is good but they aren’t a fan of the packaging
  • Another user claims that the litter “turns pee into cement”

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5. Arm & Hammer Ultra Last Clumping Litter

Arm & Hammer does it again with another fabulous cat litter product. The Ultra Last formula provides you with days and days of freshly scented kitty litter. You’ll be amazed by the powerful long lasting odor control.

Missed a few days of cleaning the cat litter box? No problem! This awesome kitty litter continues to work even when you can’t scoop out the waste.

Each granule of cat litter is coated with Arm & Hammer baking soda plus a plethora of powerful odor destroyers.

Nobody will even know you have a litter box in your home.

This product is 99% dust-free and will not be tracked through your home.


  • Continues to work even when there is waste in the litter box that hasn’t been tended to in a few days
  • 99% dust-free
  • Forms solid clumps for easy scooping


  • A few reviewers claim that the cat litter made their kittens smell bad
  • Overall consensus that the litter itself stinks

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4. Cat’s Pride Fresh and Light Multi-Cat

Cat’s Pride provides you with a premium multi-cat litter experience. This product has been formulated to clump so you can easily scoop away the mess. Plus, it is 25% lighter than other brands.

Enjoy the low-dust formula that you can trust. Your cat won’t be tracking this litter through the house!

Cat’s Pride contains a unique blend of minerals that absorb odor-causing enzymes on contact. Once absorbed, the odors are locked away and stopped before they even start.


  • Litter won’t track through your home
  • 25% lighter than other scoopable litters that clump
  • Absorbs odors before they ever start


  • One buyer said the packaging was “terrible”
  • Another user said that his cat “liked the litter too much” and spent all of his time lounging in the litter box

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3. Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat

Are you trying to train your kitten to use the litter box? Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Cat Attract Scoopable Cat Litter is the perfect solution!

This all-natural cat litter contains ingredients that attract your kitten or problem cat to the litter pan. Even if your cat was once litter-trained, this product will help bring them back.

The litter forms hard clumps when in contact with urine and feces. It also provides superior odor control.

Enjoy the 99% dust-free formula.


  • Great training litter
  • Made with all-natural ingredients
  • 99% dust-free


  • One reviewer describes the litter as a “cat repellant” instead of an attractant
  • Another buyer said the litter is very hard to clean up

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2. PetSafe ScoopFree Premium Crystal

PetSafe is a wonderful cat litter that is virtually scoopless! It works with any cat litter box as well as the PetSafe ScoopFree Reusable litter tray.

This amazing cat litter provides unbeatable odor control by absorbing urine and drying it into solid waste for 5x the odor control than clumping clay litters.

This formula is low-tracking and 99% dust-free. Less mess!

If you need product support you can call the PetSafe hotline and speak with a customer care agent who will be more than happy to answer your questions and assist you. Now, there’s an offer that other brands don’t have!


  • PetSafe brand has been a leader in the pet product industry since 1991
  • The product comes in a convenient pre=portioned bag
  • Absorbs odor 5x better than other brands


  • Reviewers claim that the product is very dusty
  • Expensive

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1. Purina Yesterday’s News Unscented

Purina Yesterday’s News cat litter is absolutely fabulous. This litter uses paper technology to absorb odors naturally. There aren’t any harmful chemicals or deodorizers in this formula which makes it highly-safe for both cats and humans.

This litter absorbs 3x the moisture by mass than traditional clay-based litter. Enjoy the effective delivery of odor controlling components.

There are no added fragrances in this litter. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that nothing in the litter will cause harm to your cat.

Designed to keep tracking low.


  • Made with recycled paper
  • Formulated without harmful chemicals
  • Is not harmful to cats if they accidentally (or purposefully) ingest it

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How To Keep A Clean Home With A Cat

Owning a pet is a good feeling, especially if you love cats. However, if you’ve ever had a furry feline wandering around your house, you know how much they can wreak havoc on your home. Using the proper cat litter is the first step, but here are a few additional steps to keep a clean environment with a cat:


Vacuum And Sweep Regularly

Your cat is bound to shed, especially if they have long hair. The best way to keep your home from being covered in cat fur is to sweep and vacuum regularly. Pet hair doesn’t look good when it begins to accumulate on the floor, and it can also irritate allergies and other respiratory issues. It might be a bit of a hassle to clean the floors often, but a few minutes a day will go a long way.


Brush Your Cat

Speaking of pet fur, it’s a good idea to brush your cat every day. You would rather comb the hair into a brush than to clean it up from the floors. If you comb out the fur before they have a chance to shed over your house, it’ll save you lots of time.


Sanitize Your Kitchen Counters

No matter how much you try to keep your cats off of your kitchen counter, they still find their way up there. Even if you keep them away when you’re at home, they’ll likely roam around when your not home. It’s imperative that you keep your counters clean and sanitized. It’s the area where you prepare food, place clean dishes, and other duties. On the other hand, the bottom of your cat’s feet is filthy. They step in their litter boxes and other dirty areas of the floor. So, make sure you keep all areas of your home where you cat climb sanitary.


Use Pet Cleaning Solutions

Cats tend to make messes that need to be cleaned. Using an enzyme-based solution helps to remove urine stains, vomit, blood, feces, and pet odors. You want to make sure you have something on hand in case there are any accidents. Luckily, spraying solutions are simple to use and effective for quick clean-ups.


Use A Lint Brush

Lint rollers are a must when you share a home with cats. If you don’t want fur sticking to your clothes and furniture, you need to have a way to get rid of it. Not to mention, you don’t want your guests leaving your home full of cat hair when they leave. So, keep a lint brush handy, and you should be good to go.


Final Thoughts On Keeping Your Home Clean With A Cat

Having a cat takes a lot of cleaning maintenance, but it’s not impossible. As long as you do certain chores regularly, you can keep your house looking good no matter how many furry friends you have walking around. The good news is, you can have both a pet and a spotless home—which is the best of both worlds!

What Cat Litter got me the most excited?

We hope you were able to find a cat litter product from our list that will meet the needs of your furry feline friend. With so many brands to mull over, we know the choice may be a bit hard.

There are many products listed that are targeted towards multiple cat little box use. Even if you only have one cat, these types of litters are still a good option because it just means you’ll get extra power in your cat litter’s odor-fighting capabilities.

One of the brands we highly recommend is Dr. Elsey’s. Made from all-natural ingredients, you never have to worry about your cat’s safety.

Speaking of which, Purina Yesterday’s News Unscented Paper Cat Litter is another litter that is made from all-natural recycled paper without any harmful additives. This is one reason why we chose this litter for our number one spot.

The litter is safe, low on dust, and blocks 3x the odors than other brands.

So, with that, we hope you have made a choice. Even if our number one cat litter isn’t your pick we are confident that something on this list is.