10 Best Blow Dryers Reviewed in 2022

best blow dryer

Choosing a hairdryer is a difficult decision.  After all, you work hard to take good care of your hair, and you don’t want to ruin all of that hard work by choosing a hair dryer that is a bad match for your hair type. You want to know that you have the best blow dryer.

Hair dryers that don’t work well can dry your hair with too much heat, resulting in split ends and frizz. Hair dryers that don’t get hot enough can leave you frustrated as you spend hours drying your hair.

There are so many hair dryers available that it can be hard to choose. Ionic dryers use negative ions to remove the positively charged water particles from your hair. They are excellent for hair that tends to be frizzy, or thick and difficult to dry.

Ceramic or porcelain dryers gently distribute heat evenly so using the dryer will be less damaging to your hair. If you choose a ceramic dryer that is also infrared, your hair will dry from the inside out, which is excellent for your hair.

If you want faster drying while still being gentle on your hair, titanium dryers get hotter while still maintaining an even temperature.

10. Phoebe Ionic Blow Dryer

The Phoebe has negative ion technology so you can get your hair dried without creating static. Lock moisture in instead of drying out your strands, so your hair will be touchably soft. Your hair cuticles will be protected from heat damage while your hair gets drier faster than with traditional hair dryers.

This dryer has two speeds and three heat settings. A cool shot finishes your hairstyle for ultimate shine. Even curly, thick hair can get dry easily and without damage.


  • Negative ion technology
  • Lock in moisture
  • Protect your hair from heat damage
  • infrared heat for ideal drying


  • Heavy compared to other hair dryers
  • Lowest heat setting is very cool

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9. Professional Hair Dryer with Anti-Frizz Ionic Conditioning

This powerful hair dryer gets your hair dry quickly with its powerful heating element. The wide or concentrator nozzle allows you targeted control in hair drying. Keep frizz at bay with this ionic hair dryer.

Negative ions neutralize positive charges in your hair so your hair will be left silky, soft, and smooth, as well as dry. This hair dryer offers three heat settings and two speeds, for customized drying. This dryer is portable and lightweight to save your wrist and is durable for long-term use.


  • Powerful, lightweight dryer
  • Ionic drying for frizz-free hair
  • Removable filter for durable, long-term use
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Plug is bulky
  • Controls can be frustrating to use
  • High speed may tangle hair

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8. THYMY Compact 1875 Watt Ionic Styling Hair Dryer

The negative ions in this dryer are powerful enough to reduce frizz and static while drying hair thoroughly. Your hair will be left shiny and soft as well as dry. The motor in this dryer is engineered to be quiet so you can dry your hair without listening to the loud roar in your ears.

Two speeds and three temperature settings give you customized control over your hair drying experience. You can clean this dryer easily with a cleaning button and a removable filter.


  • Quiet motor for comfortable hair drying
  • Powerful dryer, packing 1875 watts for fast and efficient drying power
  • Comes with a diffuser for targeted heat
  • Lightweight


  • Not as powerful as some other hair dryers
  • Flimsy feel

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7. Panasonic Hair Dryer Nano Care

This dryer offers silky, smooth, and clean. The air from this dryer doesn’t have a bad smell like other dryers. The ionization and nano care allow for frizz-free drying. This dryer can get your hair dry without damaging it, even if you blow dry your hair every day.

This dryer has a special setting for your scalp so you can dry hair on your scalp without damaging or hurt your skin. Choose between extremely hot temperatures and a cold blast to finish your hairstyle. While this dryer is much more expensive than other dryers, you can feel confident that you are doing the best by your hair with this dryer.


  • Healthy ion drying
  • Dries your hair gently and with air that smells good
  • Scalp setting


  • Very expensive compared to other dryers
  • Heavyweight

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6. Professional Hair Dryer

This professional dryer delivers powerful drying power with negative ions and infrared heat. This is drying that is good for your hair. Your hair will be softer, healthier, and have less static. A cool shot feature allows you to finish your style.

The durable motor lasts for a long time and prevents itself from overheating. This hair is good for all hair types, leaving hair soft and bouncy for an affordable price.


  • Negative Ions
  • infrared heat
  • Powerful drying action


  • Not as lightweight as other dryers
  • Plastic parts tend to fall off easily

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5. Jinri Professional AC motor Powerful Ceramic Midsize Dryer

This powerful dryer delivers intense airflow for fast drying. The ionic technology puts out negative ions to smooth hair cuticles and reduce frizz. Your hair will be soft and healthy, as well as sleek and shiny.

You can choose between two speeds and three heat settings for customized drying. The filter of this dryer is removable for easy cleaning. The airflow nozzle straightens your hair for a quicker drying experience.


  • Ionic technology to smooth hair cuticles
  • Easy cleaning filter
  • Powerful airflow nozzle to straighten hair and quicken drying


  • Not as lightweight as other hair dryers
  • Only two speeds

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4. Asavea hair dryer Pro AC motor ionic

This lightweight dryer offers long life and a powerful AC motor to dry your hair quickly. This hair dryer is light, small, and not very noisy, for a pleasant hair drying experience. You can choose between three heat settings, two-speed settings, and a shot of cool hair, for customized hair drying. The ionic generator and ceramic-tourmaline help dry while enabling you to have sleek, healthy hair. The end cap is removable for easy cleaning.


  • Quick drying
  • Three heat settings and two-speed settings, as well as cool shot feature
  • Ionic generator
  • Ceramic-tourmaline


  • Heavy
  • Buttons on the handle may be pushed accidentally

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3. Quiast Hair Dryer Professional

This dryer has tourmaline ceramic ionic technology so you can feel confident your beauty routine will make your hair healthier. Your hair will dry quickly and be left with maximum shine. Even thick and curly hair can be dried easily with this capable dryer.

Choose between three heat settings and two-speed settings for customized drying. This dryer comes with a travel pouch, as well as two concentrators, so you can get the drying you want.


  • Tourmaline ceramic ionic technology
  • Maximum shine and quick drying
  • Choose between three heat settings
  • Comes with travel pouch


  • Buttons are designed in a way that is easy to accidentally turn on or off
  • Heavier than other dryers

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2. Jinri Professional Negative Ions Infrared Heat Dryer

This professional grade hair dryer offers several attachments for ideal drying. The black matte surface is luxurious, and the dryer features a hanging ring for easy storage. The powerful motor allows for easy drying, while the quality construction will last and last.

A two-year warranty can help you feel confident in your dryer. Negative ion technology reduces frizz and makes for smooth, soft hair with every dry. Even thick hair dries quickly and easily with this dryer.


  • Black matte surface
  • Hanging ring for storage
  • Two-year warranty
  • Negative ion technology
  • Won’t accidentally press buttons


  • Heavier than some other dryers
  • Not as many settings as other dryers

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1. Jinri Salon Grade Professional Hair Dryer

This sleek, fun colored hair dryer uses tourmaline ionic technology to eliminate frizz. Resist humidity and maintain your hair’s natural health. Feel safe with a one-year replacement and two-year warranty.

Tourmaline ceramic coating enables even heat distribution. Heat penetrates your hair quickly for quick drying from the inside out. This dryer features a removable air filter so you can clean your dryer for maximum efficiency. This model comes with a diffuser and concentrator nozzle.


  • Sleek, fun-colored design
  • Tourmaline ionic technology
  • removable air filter
  • Comes with diffuser and concentrator nozzle


  • The diffuser doesn’t always fit well
  • Not as powerful as some dryers

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How To Protect Your Hair From Heat Damage

Blow dryers are a lifesaver on those days why you need to dry your hair quickly before going out. The downside to that is constant heat can cause severe damage to your hair. Here are a few tips to protect your hair from heat damage:

Towel Dry Beforehand

One of the best ways to reduce the amount of time and heat that you put on your hair is

by drying it with a towel. Instead of running a towel over your hair a few times, try keeping your hair wrapped after half an hour first. By doing so, the cloth has enough time to absorb the water, and it won’t take so long to blow dry your hair.

Blow Dry On A Low Setting

Another great way to protect your hair is by blow-drying it on a low heat setting. This is a great way to dry your hair in a short amount of time without air-drying. Doing this method might take a tad bit more time than using high heat, but it’s still an effective way of drying your hair without frying it.

Cut Down On Drying Time

If you prefer to use a high heat setting but don’t want to damage your hair, you can reduce the drying time. By using the blow dryer on high for 5-7 minutes, you can get most of your hair dry in a fraction of the time. If you’re in a hurry and your hair is still damp, consider wearing it in a style that can hide the wet areas. Buns, ponytails, and french braids are all great for disguising damp hair.

Wash Your Hair At Different Times

If you want to minimize heat damage, try washing your hair when you have more time to cater to it. Washing your hair when you’re in a hurry puts you in the position to have to dry it as soon as possible. However, if you do it at night or on the weekend, you can take your time dry it on a low setting or allowing it to finish air-dry overnight.

Use A Heat Protectant

Heat protectants are essential to use with blow dryers. If you must use your blow dryer on a regular basis, spray heat protectant beforehand. It helps to shield your hair from heat damage and split ends. If you have curly hair, protectant spray is a lifesaver because heat damage can create permanent straight hair and ruin curl patterns.

Final Thoughts On Protecting Your Hair From Heat Damage

The way your hair looks is a big deal, and blow-drying is a big part of making it look good. Luckily, there are several ways to have fabulous hair and keep it from damage. There’s nothing wrong with using your blow dryer on a high setting from time to time. However, long-term use can ruin your locks. But, if you do it in moderation, your hair will be just fine.

Which should you buy?

The Jinri Professional offers the best balance of power and frizz fighting with ionic technology, in an affordable hair dryer. This dryer is thoughtfully designed, with a ring for convenient storage and several nozzles for idealized drying.

The negative ions smooth frizz. If there is a danger of electrical shock, this Jinri model will shut off. This hair dryer will last you years while providing high-quality service. A two-year warranty can help you feel confident in your purchase. 

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