Washi Tape Christmas Trees

Washi Tape Christmas Trees by The Silly Pearl for Reasons to Skip the Housework

Hello friends! My name is Steph and I blog at The Silly Pearl. I’m so excited to share my first post with you as contributor on Reasons To Skip The Housework. Thanks so much Melanie for having me on your blog! Today I’ll be talking about how to make these fun and festive Washi Tape Christmas Trees.


  • Washi tape
  • Thin craft wire (26 gauge is good)
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors
  • 1 to 2-inch wood slice
  • Drill (or a push pin)
  • Wood skewer
  • Glue
  • 1/2-inch wood bead
  • Paint and paint brush


First prepare the tree stand and trunk. Drill a hole in the center of a wood slice, the same size as your skewer. If you don’t have a drill, you can use a pushpin, and just twirl it around and around until you have a big enough hole. Apply a dab of glue onto the skewer tip and insert the skewer point down into the hole. Trim off the top as needed. My trees are five, six, and 10 inches tall.

washi tape trees 3

We’re going to sandwich a piece of wire in between two pieces of washi tape to form a twist tie, which you may have done before. Since both the tape and the wire tend to be a bit unwieldy, I’ve come up with a way to make assembly easier. First, lay out a piece of tape on your worktop, sticky side up. Bend back the edges on both sides so they stick to your worktop. This will keep the tape in place. Then, straighten a piece of wire with your hands and lay it on top of the tape, pressing it down so it sticks. Cut the wire with wire cutters.

washi tape trees 1

Lay a second piece of tape on top. Trim the ends straight. Oh I should mention how long to make each strip of tape! My general guideline is the height of your tree should be the length of your lowest branches of the tree. Then you gradually decrease the length of the branches. I made five branches in each size until I reached the top (so I have five different patterns of washi tape for each tree).

washi tape trees 2

Form a twist in the middle of each one.

washi tape trees 4

And starting from the bottom, twist the washi tape onto the skewer.

washi tape trees 5

Now lay another five pieces of tape down and repeat, but this time, the tape will be shorter by about an inch. Repeat again and again until you reach the top of the tree.

washi tape trees 6

To finish the tree, I painted a small wood bead and glued it to the top of the skewer.

washi tape trees 8

All done! I made each tree in the same color family, but you can mix it up if you like. Once you set up an assembly line, it goes fast, so you can make a lot for your decor this year!

Washi Tape Christmas Trees - The Silly Pearl for Reasons to Skip the Housework

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  1. These are ADORABLE! I just saw them on the Be Inspired Link Party,..and now it is after Christmas! Next year! For sure. They are beyond cute. And I love the bright colors on the washi tape. Pinning! I love them— they are gorgeous!

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