Framed Christmas Card Display

When the mister came home saying he’d found this 4 1/2′ tall frame on the side of the road and thought of me, I knew I’d married the right guy!

Thrifting and trash grabbing FOR ME!  I knew exactly what I wanted to create – immediately!

I’ve never had a great display for my Christmas cards.

I’ve always done the ole’ ribbon hanging on the door display that mom always did as I was growing up.

She still does it – and so did I…until this year’s gorgeous idea came into my head!

Framed Christmas Card Display 2

Sorry mom. Maybe I’ll make you one next year.

To make this Framed Christmas Card Display, the only thing I had to buy was – the christmas lights.

I had some large lights that I suppose I could have used, but they would have been a bit much, so I grabbed a set of small lights at Walmart.

I also used materials I had on hand:

spray paint, sandpaper, hot glue, a staple gun, clothespins

I started with this giganto frame that the mister found.  It just needed a little love to bring it back from the dead.


The sandpaper and I got busy. 

Yup, slippers…

at NOON…


I’m a high-class crafter.


Spray paint was next.



After the paint was dry, I used a staple gun to attach my lights to the back of the frame.




Once the string of lights was on, I had the dilemma of the lights being between the frame and the wall…DER…

so….the mister stepped in and got all smart on me…


We took the bulb covers off from the parts of the strings that were behind the frame.  


and hot glued the wires down in the crevice that was “below” the frame.


This left only lights on the “inner” section of the frame – allowing the frame to lay flat against the wall.

framed card display



full display

Framed Christmas Card Display

Now, to figure out how / where to store this bad boy until next year!   

About Melanie L.

Melanie works full time at Tuft & Needle and blogs part time evenings and weekends when her daughter is working on the cars with her dad!

37 thoughts on “Framed Christmas Card Display

  1. Love it! I still would have preferred the watercolor of myself but…..
    For reals, this would make a great gift! Love it. And your mister is pretty awesome.

  2. Hi! Trying to copy your project- wondering what size clothespins you used? I ordered some 1″ ones and they were way too small, did not fit around one of the cords.. TIA!!

    1. I used the normal clothespins for the JOY letters and the small 1″ ones for the cards and such. I didn’t have any trouble clipping them around my wire, so maybe the lights you got are thicker than mine? Maybe adjust where you’re clipping and see if that helps?

  3. I greatly enjoy your blog design and this post! I receive several cards every year, but never a way to showcase them. I’ve found several card holders that are cute at hobby lobby but I have never wanted to spend the money on card holders. However, I could definitely afford the materials, and it could be easily used to showcase Christmas photos too! Thanks for the detailed tutorial!!

  4. LOVE this idea and I’m trying to copy it! I was lucky to find a frame someone had left at the recycling center, but I cannot find these kinds of lights, I have looked everywhere! They are different than regular lights and are just perfect for this display. Just wondered how many lights you used. Looks like maybe 50?? Hope to get this made in time to use this year.

        1. I honestly don’t think there were that many on the strand. I put it together two years ago, and this year it’s all packed up since we move in a week. It’s all personal preference on how many lights you want in your frame, and how large the frame is. Hope this helps!

  5. Lovely idea, but the thought of using staples to attach lights is just “shocking”! Isn’t that a bit dangerous and couldn’t it literally give you an electric shock if you “missed.” I wouldn’t remove glass bulb from lights, either. Using clothespins on electrical wires also seems a bit risky. I liked the idea someone suggested of using ribbons across the frame and clippings cards to them. One could string lights around the edges of the frame as an outline.

    Just wouldn’t want anyone hurt.

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