Elf on the Shelf ideas

Elf On  the shelf ideas

Elf on a Shelf sounds like the most fun and exciting activity ever – and it is – for about three days.  Then, the moment comes when you are laying in bed at midnight and realize you forgot to move the elf.  So you hop out of bed and grab that little elf, and BOOM.  You’re frozen.  You can figure out a single thing to do with the elf.  You can’t just have her sitting on the couch.  Too boring.  Each day has to trump the previous day and you can’t just do something simple.  Last year I printed up a calendar that I used to mark off the ideas day by day.  I did all my thinking ahead of time so each day I could just look at the calendar and set the stage for a previously determined activity!

If you’re anything like me, you appreciate fun ideas, so here are 30 Elf on the Shelf Ideas.  One for each day – no more midnight freak outs. You’re welcome!

 elf on the shelf ideas

Keurig Elf

Spiderman Elf

Shaving Elf

Crunch Berry Elf

Picture Frame Elf

Santa’s Sleigh Elf

Coloring Book Elf

Lego Hostage Elf

Trapped Elf

Drawing Elf

 elf on the shelf ideas 2

Pancake Elf

Dating Elf

Swinging Elf

Kissing Booth Elf

Milk Elf

Rolling Elf

Candy Bag Elf

Olaf Snowman Elf

Taping Elf

Red Solo Cup Elf

 elf on the shelf ideas 3

Jacuzzi Elf

Rice Krispies Elf

Naughty Elf (to be combined with drawing a red nose on kids while they sleep)

Fishing Elf

Snowball Elf

Reading Elf

Game Playing Elf

Hide N Seek Elf

Sack Race Elf

Snowball Fight Elf

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