The Tutu is Ready!

So, my baby is turning ONE this month, and although we aren’t doing a big gala (just family), I’m adding a few fun touches that I’m sure only I will appreciate, but it’s so much fun to plan a party so I’ll always add fun touches!  In the next two weeks, I have so much on my to-do list, but I’ll be sure to share along the way!  The tutu is done – and ready for wearing.  The funny thing is, when we had her newborn pics done, the photographer brought a tutu.  Mr. Housework and I both commented afterwards that we’d never make our daughter wear a silly tutu again!  Well, here we are a year later, and mommy is going to “force” a tutu on her again, along with “silly” striped Baby Legs, a cute Owl shirt, and other horrible things!  She’s sure to be the cutest tutu wearing one year old…ever!  There are a ton of tutu tutes(I couldn’t resist!) out there, but I used one from I Heart Naptime and you can view it here.  

Pretty simple….cut your elastic, cut approx. 2″ strips that are twice the length you want the tutu ( I did 15″ long strips), fold over the elastic, and ta-da….a tutu!

Now, maybe I should get busy on the menu – so our guests have something to eat.  Although, I’m sure watching our little munchkin walking around in her tutu would be enough to distract them if I didn’t have food!  Still to come….pictures of the Birthday Banner, the owl tshirt, the timeline centerpiece, oh my….I’d better get busy!


  1. Jacqueline says

    Well, I would do this to my soon to be little girl so force the tutu all you want… and then send it to me so I can force it on my little Isabelle. Following you on Tag Back Tuesday from The Organic Blonde

  2. Just Married with Coupons says

    That is super cute! =) I am visiting you back from Blog It Forward Tuesday… and I am your newest enabler… Thanks for hopping with us! =)))

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