Movie Concession Boxes

I had the greatest idea.
However, if you saw the horrible mess of a project sitting on my garage floor, you wouldn’t believe it for a second. We’re talking a DISASTER.
Does that ever happen to you?  Ugh.  Sometimes the best projects are only best in my mind, lol.
So, I have a “vintage” brown paper packages project to share with you today, one of my very favorites–and one our family uses all the time.
Movie Concession Boxes

Movie night is much loved at our house. A lot of the time it is spontaneous and casual, and we all cozy up together to watch and munch popcorn. Sometimes though, it is planned in advance, and highly anticipated…due in large part to the concession stand.
The week preceding the movie night, all the kids are able to earn concession “money” (in Monopoly form). They do this by being good listeners, obeying quickly, keeping their room clean, going the extra mile, being kind to siblings, extra chores, etc. (Want your baseboards or windowsills cleaned? This is a great week for that!)
That evening, I set up a concession stand with popcorn, cans of soda, candy bars, cookies, and cotton candy, all labeled with prices. I also have fruit available, for free. 🙂 They can even purchase a variety pack, that comes with pop (if you’re under 5, it comes in a sippy cup!), popcorn, and a candy bar for a set amount. It is SO fun. The kids love it, we all look forward to it, and it’s an extra incentive and reward for good behavior and helping around the house.
With all this yummy concession food, I needed something for them to keep it all together. Using the cardboard flats that canned goods come on, you can have adorable boxes that are perfect for movie night.

cardboard flats with sides–pick them up at the grocery store on your next trip! Look for boxes with sturdy sides and bottom, and no nicks or cuts.

spray paint

scrapbook paper

distress ink

Mod Podge and foam brush

craft paint

foam stamps


Dust off your boxes, and make sure they are free of any lint.

Paint them with the spray paint. The inside bottom and sides need to be done well–no cardboard showing, but the outside doesn’t need to be perfect, since you will covereing most of it up with paper. Let dry.
***Painting tip: Take several large pieces of plywood or solid wood boards, and hammer in very long nails into them, so that they poke through on the other side at least an inch or more. (see my painting pics…you’ll see mine) When you’re ready to paint, lay the wood down with the nails pointing up. This will provide a great surface to set the items you’re painting on…allowing you to get at all angles and not have to stick to the surface.

Measure the sides of your boxes, then cut scrapbook paper to fit.

Distress all edges.

Using the foam brush, apply a layer of Mod Podge directly onto the box. Place your paper on the box, then add another layer of Mod Podge on top.

Repeat on all sides. Let dry.

Stamp desired names in the middle of your box using craft paint and foam stamps. I like to use my finger to apply the paint to the stamp–it allows for more control over your paint.

You’re done! You’re ready for a movie night of your own!
P.S. We LOVE our popcorn containers from the One Spot at Target…only $1, and SO fun. We use them all the time. Our Target has them right now, so yours might as well!
Thank you so much Melanie for having me, and to all of you for reading. It was so fun to be here! 
Come on by brown paper packages to say hi–I’d love to have you!

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  1. This is such a fun idea! Our family loves movies too and this would be perfect! thanks for sharing
    ~ Jill from 'Just Dream, Jelly Bean!'

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