Grocery List / Coupon List {Free Printable}

Ok, I admit it…
I’ve totally gotten on the couponing bandwagon.  
Not in the “fill up all of my rooms with groceries” kind of way.
  Absolutely NOT in the buying 5 carts of groceries sort of way.  
I will NEVER spend 5 hours grocery shopping OR cutting coupons…
HOWEVER, with me becoming a stay at home mom, we lost 1/2 of our income overnight!  We’re making it work just fine, but I’ve gone over my grocery budget every month so far.  I’m pretty much the lazy shopper.  I’m lucky if I use even one coupon….I just like to get in and out and not have to spend time organizing coupons.

However, I’ve tried to combine my meal planning/grocery list creating and couponing into an organized 
system that just sort of “creates itself”!  

I hang this on my fridge just like my old magnetic pad of paper….as I need an item, I add it to the list.  Then, as the grocery ads come out, I scan them to see if there’s a deal on something on my list, and I’ll mark it on the sheet.  Then, as I go through the coupons, if I see one for something I’ve got, I add that to the list so I remember to use it.
I’ve got a spot on the bottom for “specialty coupons”.  Our Fry’s takes competitor coupons, so simply saving my Fresh and Easy $5 off coupons are like a $5 bill in my hand!  WHAT?!?!? 

I follow a few bloggers who share the weekly coupon deals – believe me, I couldn’t figure it all out myself.  I do a brief looksie to see if there are any deals from my local store {Fry’s} and off I go. 
My goal has been to use at least $20 in coupons each time I shop.  So far, I’ve got 8 days left in the month, and there’s still money in my grocery envelope, so I guess it’s working! YAY ME!

You can download this file for yourself by clicking here!  

What *small* goal can you make for yourself for July? 
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Melanie works full time at Tuft & Needle and blogs part time evenings and weekends when her daughter is working on the cars with her dad!

6 thoughts on “Grocery List / Coupon List {Free Printable}

  1. Awesome printable! Here's another tip for you and your readers. If you shop at a "deep discount store" such as Save-a-lot or Aldi – you'll get about 40-60% of normal prices all the time … plus no coupon clipping involved.

    I have a $35 family meal plan… when I plan, I can usually keep my grocery budget at $35-$50 each week.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Thanks for the printable list. I really like the way it is set up. Hopefully this will help me remember to use the coupons I have been clipping.

  3. What a great way to organize everything. I was trying to make a sheet like this and just didn't make one that worked for me. Thank you for sharing…it's my new goal for July as we seem to be similar kinds of shoppers.

    {Found you through Cherished Bliss Blog}

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