Framed Christmas Card Display

When the mister came home saying he’d found this 4 1/2′ tall frame on the side of the road and thought of me, I knew I’d married the right guy!

Thrifting and trash grabbing FOR ME!  I knew exactly what I wanted to create – immediately!

I’ve never had a great display for my Christmas cards.

I’ve always done the ole’ ribbon hanging on the door display that mom always did as I was growing up.

She still does it – and so did I…until this year’s gorgeous idea came into my head!

Framed Christmas Card Display 2

Sorry mom. Maybe I’ll make you one next year.

To make this Framed Christmas Card Display, the only thing I had to buy was – the christmas lights.

I had some large lights that I suppose I could have used, but they would have been a bit much, so I grabbed a set of small lights at Walmart.

I also used materials I had on hand:

spray paint, sandpaper, hot glue, a staple gun, clothespins

I started with this giganto frame that the mister found.  It just needed a little love to bring it back from the dead.


The sandpaper and I got busy. 

Yup, slippers…

at NOON…


I’m a high-class crafter.


Spray paint was next.



After the paint was dry, I used a staple gun to attach my lights to the back of the frame.




Once the string of lights was on, I had the dilemma of the lights being between the frame and the wall…DER…

so….the mister stepped in and got all smart on me…


We took the bulb covers off from the parts of the strings that were behind the frame.  


and hot glued the wires down in the crevice that was “below” the frame.


This left only lights on the “inner” section of the frame – allowing the frame to lay flat against the wall.

framed card display



full display

Framed Christmas Card Display

Now, to figure out how / where to store this bad boy until next year!   


  1. Lisa says

    Love it! I still would have preferred the watercolor of myself but…..
    For reals, this would make a great gift! Love it. And your mister is pretty awesome.

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