Finger Painting Gift

My husband’s favorite hobby is working on trucks and cars.  He’s not a mechanic by trade, but loves working out in the garage.  He can’t wait till our little munchkin is big enough to get dirty with him!
He currently has a four-wheeling Blazer, a family driver Tahoe, and an embarrasment to be seen in orange Volkswagen Squareback that is his pride and joy.   So, for Father’s Day I decided to do an “ode to daddy’s rides” in fingerpaint form.  This Finger Painting Gift could be a gift for anyone….
fingerpainting gift
 S did the finger painting, and although it turned out just fine….it didn’t go over quite as well as I’d hoped.  She wasn’t thrilled about the yuck all over hands.
 I took an old pic he had laying around in the garage and turned it over.  I used scrapbook paper to make a “mat”. 
 I put wax paper over the computer screen to “outline” the car photo…isn’t that thing HORRIBLE!!?!?!?  He LOVES it though, so I stay quiet!
 I did the same for all three vehicles…here are my “drawings”
Here are the three masterpieces!
 I taped the wax paper on the finger painting and used a razor blade to cut out the vehicle.  Then, I lightly pressed with the razor blade on all of the lines I’d made and then after I removed the wax paper, I had lines to trace with a Sharpie.
 Added some Silhouette vinyl for the wheels and some Silver Sharpie accents…and voila….a FREE Father’s Day gift that is way better then the cards he says he’ll just throw away anyway {such a stick in the mud!}
 add the glass and frame on and it’s perfect!
Happy Father’s Day to you!
Here’s a little of what we did with the rest of our weekend:Daddy bought us a new pool.  It’s a little less ghetto than the 2 foot round pool we had!

 I win the horrible mom award for photographing my scared, screaming child!

 Still not sure!

 Hmmm…that is looking cooler by the minute!

 Hey, hey!


 fun stuff!

 even better when I can drink it!

Finally brave enough!

What a great weekend!


  1. Jamie says

    How funny my daughter is the same way! Hates to be dirty. Such a cute idea though! Thanks!


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