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Disney FROZEN available at WALMART #frozenfun #cbias #shop


If you have a little girl, chances are there’s just as much excitement in your house as there is in ours over the theatrical release of Disney’s FROZEN the movie (in theaters on November 27th).  It’s a big deal around here.  And let me tell you….Disney’s FROZEN couldn’t have had better timing than it did in our house!   

Disney FROZEN tells the story of of Anna and her mountain man Kristoff on an epic journey. They are tasked to find her her sister Elsa and save the kingdom of Arendelle from an eternal winter. Join in on the adventure with Disney FROZEN merchandise available at Walmart


The Challenge:

We have a 3 1/2 year old who’s been potty trained for at least a year now.  Doing so well with only an accident here and there from time to time  No Biggie…. Until 3 months ago.  She started having accidents at school MULTIPLE times during the day – over and over and over.  Nothing had changed, and nothing was happening at school to cause this change {from what we could tell}.  I know, there’s plenty of people who will offer advice on this, and I even put a call out on my Facebook page to offer suggestions that I could try to fix this challenge.  Nothing worked.  We tried it all – positive reinforcement, punishment, bribes…you name it, we tried it.  Many people suggested the doctor, but she was fine everywhere else but at school.  I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to stop it…..and THEN, Disney’s FROZEN came at the perfect time…. Seriously….who would have thought Disney FROZEN and Walmart toys would be the answer, but it was!  Keep in mind, I’d tried to bribe with candy, marshmallows, coloring books, kisses, you name it….nothing had worked.

So, I brought out my HORRIBLE mom skills and BRIBED that kid with my biggest bribe YET….


The Bribes:

Day One BRIBE: Elsa toy {she’s the blonde}

Day One RESULT: NO PEE….first school day in THREE MONTHS with no pee.  Elsa became her new best friend {and mine, too…}


Day Two BRIBE: enter Anna – Elsa’s sister.  {she’s the redhead}



Day Three BRIBE: Mountain Man Kristoff….the cute boy



We went an entire week of school with no accidents, which has been refreshing and a welcome change in this house.  

My girl is best friends with Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff….they go everywhere with her now! She takes them on the ride to school each morning and then tells them, “I’ll see you after school because I won’t have an accident today.”  Kids are pretty darn funny!

{they all had a blast going in daddy’s VW Van to school earlier this week!}


I have a bunch of other Disney FROZEN merchandise that I purchased at the same time, some for under the tree and a few that are hidden in our Advent Calendar! Can’t wait for her to get to #15!








As for right now, Disney’s FROZEN has solved our problem, and we can’t wait to go see the movie {with all three dolls in hand} this Wednesday, Nov. 27th.  


{So, yes, I BRIBED my child with toys to get her to stop peeing at school.  No mom awards here, but a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do!}

Thank you Walmart and FROZEN for helping a momma out!


There are a bunch of fun FROZEN toys and accessories at WALMART – in case you need some for under the tree {or bribes, either way!}


Disney FROZEN available at WALMART #frozenfun #cbias #shop



As you can tell, WALMART has a good selection of Disney FROZEN merchandise – so you can do all your FROZEN shopping in one spot!  I found dolls, castles, dresses, books, characters, posters, and wrapping paper! 

Will you being going to see Disney’s FROZEN in theaters this week?  



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    Ha! Where potty training is concerned, I always say, “whatever works”. Glad the FROZEN dolls did the trick! Looks like she is going to be a VERY happy girl come Christmas with all those goodies you found! :) #client

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