Bacon Wrapped Apple BBQ Chicken {Chef In Training}


If you need a recipe for tonight…this is the one for you.  I’m all about featuring all of the great ideas I find on the internet and from my collection of favorite blogs.  Therefore, I MUST share this recipe with you that is THE….BOMB….  Not only is it freakin’ delicious, but it cooks itself! {anything delicious AND a crocky meal certainly goes in my top 10!}  This chicken is super tender, and the bacon with the BBQ sauce..oh my!  I don’t even like cooked fruit {not even a teensy weensy little bit} and I liked the apples in this!  Pigs must be flying, I ate cooked fruit and….LIKED….it.

Get on over to Chef In Training and grab the recipe for this one…FAST!

 Via Chef In Training

Apple Bacon BBQ Chicken {Chef In Training}


Every single one of Nikki’s recipes has been the bomb.  You can’t go wrong, so whip out that slow cooker and get dinner baking!



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