4th of July Star Cookies

Pinterest is the worst thing for a craft-o-holic like me.  I pin things all day long that I HAVE to make – and my TO DO list gets longer by the minute!  One of the things I found while strolling Pinterest….a recipe for Stars and Stripes Cookies.   I recently shared this tutorial over at She Wears Flowers – and now I’m sharing it with all of you…just in time for your own celebrating!
Couldn’t be too hard….I mean, anyone can bake cookies from a package!
The #1 problem….
I never bake anything correctly and usually have to do things twice.
For this recipe, I DID have to do things twice, and they STILL didn’t turn out like the NESTLE picture – but trust me, it’s not because they’re not super simple to do!
So, let my baking experience entertain you!

 I used Cool Whip for a light frosting…the recipe calls for a cream cheese/granulated sugar frosting.  That would be yummers too!  
I also ended up using two different types of cookie dough.

I took a few rows of dough and rolled them out between two sheets of wax paper.

{Enter first screw up}
The first time I rolled them, they were too thin and once baked, they turned into crispy chocolate chip crackers.  No bueno.
So, I rolled them a bit thicker the 2nd time around.
Bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes.  I like a soft, chewy cookie, so I tend to purposely under cook them.  I did 9 minutes for the 2nd batch.
{Enter second screw up:}
Here’s what they look like while they’re cooking up – um, nothing STAR LIKE about these cookies.  Again, just a little bit of the continued challenges that I face when I bake!

{Enter third screw up:}
When they are done and you first take them out, you’re supposed to re-shape them with a knife – which I did – but for some reason, I didn’t think to make the ends into points…which would make sense…so my cookies were more like rounded daisy cookies…

Frost with frosting or Cool Whip.  Slice the strawberries and add to the “points” of the stars.  Add blueberries in the middle and jazz them up with chocolate sprinkles or mini chocolate chips.
I love my little “rounded edge” puffy stars!  
They were delicious and just perfect!  

Happy 4th of July!

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Melanie works full time at Tuft & Needle and blogs part time evenings and weekends when her daughter is working on the cars with her dad!

9 thoughts on “4th of July Star Cookies

  1. Those are perfect. I love when bloggers admit mistakes! I mean, seriously, nobody is perfect and we can all learn from eachother. I like the rounded cookie. The points of the strawberries define the stars. I think using the knife is a wasted step anyways! Thanks for sharing,

  2. ha ha they don't look screwed up in fact they look yummier than ever. I will take one please made half the plate with a glass of milk.

    I found out about you from cherished blissed

    thank you for have name and url option because blogger has a bug in it I can't always hit my google acct to link up with my blog as a commenter. You made my life easier w/o doing housework btw i'm with you on skipping it too

  3. Haha, I coulnn't even tell they were puffy with the strawberries on them!! They look great, and I will be making them this week!! Thanks so much for sharing and for linking up to our Strut Your Stuff Party!! We appreciate it. Have a super week!!
    p.s. I know exactly what you are saying about Pinterest…too much EYECANDY!!

  4. I know this blog posting is a couple of years old, but it was linked in another blog I received today.

    Quick tip. I seldom make “shaped” cookies because they ALWAYS come out distorted. Tried makeing stars for a Mario-themed birthday party this past weekend. the stars were a terrible mess. When you have lemons, make lemonade. My star cookies turned into coin cookies. I had a small round cookie cutter and made “coin” cookies from the star blobs.The edges were crisp when they cooled like that was what they were meant to be. So instead, either recut your blobs with a star cookie cutters or roll out the dough and cut the cookies when the dough is baked. Took 62 years to figure this easy step out. Parents and grandparents of the kids thought the coin cookies were a hit; they never knew the story behind the cookies.

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